$60 Billion a Year Spent on Illegals for What?!

The cost of illegal immigration is no secret, but how many Americans actually realize how much this problem is costing them? And no, we aren’t talking about lost jobs, crime, or the impact on the U.S. healthcare system either. But yes, those are also major burdens as the result of illegal immigration in America. One more thing, this problem as a result of illegal immigration reportedly cost us about $60 Billion – that is billion with a “b.”

Here are some raw numbers for you, courtesy of one story quoting a Republican Congressman from Alabama:

“In 2016, the Pew Research Center estimated that 3.9 million – or 7.3% – of kindergarten through 12th-grade students in the United States were either here illegally or were the children of at least one parent illegally present in the United States.”

This story was reporting on Rep. Bradley Byrne’s response at a recent congressional hearing regarding opponents who attacked the President’s immigration reform agenda. As a part of Trump’s “America First” platform, Byrne highlighted how illegal immigration in the educational sector is failing to meet the goal of doing just that, putting America first. In particular, failing to put our children first.

Then Bryne went on to pose the question, “can anyone tell me how much we spend on public education for that population of students? It’s around $60 billion.”

As the story explained, the federal government requires ESL classes (English as a Second Language), for all of those aforementioned students. Those students are classified as “Limited English Proficiency” students, and by law, these students are mandated to take those ESL classes. Byrne elaborated on that fact by asking, “What percentage of ESL programs are paid for by the federal government that requires them?”

Then he answered his question, “just over one percent… Who pays for the rest? States and local school systems. So, we require it and we push 99 percent of the costs on state and local school systems. That costs a lot of money for these state and local school systems. Many of them like my state of Alabama just don’t have it”

But this isn’t only about that enormous educational expense, this is also about the welfare and the quality of education for our children. $60 billion is a big number, a really big number, yet there are things more important than money. The idea that our kids are losing opportunities and programs as a result of illegal immigration simply isn’t acceptable.

As our story went on to report, Bryne addressed that topic as well saying “that cost is not being borne by those of us in Washington. It’s being borne by men and women and the states and local school systems around the United States of America.

But really the cost is being borne by children who are being denied the programs that they should have. Children who are citizens of the United States, whose parents are citizens of the United States, they’re being denied programs because we’re forcing their state and local school systems to take on an expense that we should be taking on because we’ve failed to enforce our own laws.”

Why do people support Trump’s immigration reform plans? Why do we need a wall? Why do we need to fix the immigration problem in America? The right answer is money. The right answer is also crime, economic health, job opportunities, and wages. And all of those are very important and legitimate reasons, but are any of those reasons more important than our children?

This is about money, as in $60 billion, but it is also about a lot more than that. Immigration reform isn’t an attack on people who aren’t American citizens. It isn’t a political ploy to win votes. The President’s immigration plan is about putting America first, and that is part of the plan of making America great again.

To keep America great, however, as we all know means investing in our future. What we also know is that our future is our children and the President’s immigration plan is about protecting the future of America. It is about protecting our children.