A Furious Joe Biden: Buttigieg Stole from Me!

The Democrats are at each other throats now that 2020 is almost here. Each one is accusing others of certain things and even devoting tons of money in an attempt to smear the opposition.

But now their stupidity has taken on a new low as they begin to steal each other’s ideas and claim them as their own. Joe Biden and Pete Buttigieg are going at it as Biden claims that Buttigieg has stolen his health care ideas and is now claiming them as his own.

Joe Biden has an awful idea to try to extend Obamacare. His goal would be to extend the health care plan by allowing a public option to be included in the coverage. This would allow people to buy into the government plan while keeping their private insurance.

And Buttigieg has the same idea. Buttigieg and Biden do deserve each other. Both of their policies and agendas are simply rehashed ideas that their beloved god Obama devised when he was in office. Biden tells everyone that “he stole it.” Meaning his worthless idea of health care.

But Buttigieg has a different reality that he is trying to promote before Biden that “Medicare for all who want it” would be his approach. The two idiots are fighting like two little toddlers screaming about who had the toy first.

Each of the two men is trying to promote an idea of health care that not one single American wants to have. They do not want to be forced to buy into something that forces them to buy. This kind of health care is criminal and is being picked apart by President Trump and the Republican party.

President Trump has had to undo what Obama put over the people when he was in office. He forced people to sign up for the coverage and charged a penalty fee if they refused. Obama did so many criminal things while he was in office that he should be rotting in prison for his actions.

But for now, the world has to listen to two grown men fight like little kids about who came up with the idea first. The answer is neither of them. The idea was actually from criminal Obama. Joe Biden is trying to pass off an idea as his own that is not rightfully his idea. Instead, he is crying about someone else trying to steal his stolen idea.

The Democratic Party members steal things and ideas from others and try to pass them off as their own. If another person in America tried to steal an idea from another person and pass it off as their own, they would be subject to criminal charges of plagiarism and other such charges. But the Democrats think that they are above the law. And that they can do whatever they want as long as it serves one goal of making themselves better.

Joe Biden believes he has a claim on Obamacare that no one else he is running against can claim. He was with naughty Obama when he rolled out the illegal idea to the people. But like every good Democrat, there is going to be someone to try to steal the idea.

With Biden and Buttigieg trying to push opening it up to everyone that wants is just one step away from putting in place the provision that it be mandatory. Socialists are slick snakes, and they will put in place little things to try to ease their way into making America a socialist nightmare.

Joe Biden is feeling the pressure of the Buttigieg. The little liberal has taken the number one spot in Iowa from Biden. It seems that Buttigieg is just looking to steal from Biden as things move closer to 2020.

Buttigieg knows that Biden is his enemy and stands in the way of him becoming the nominee to lose against President Trump in 2020. Biden has been trying to play nice with Buttigieg but now that he is stealing his ideas it may change.

Biden stated that “Anything I say about Pete will be taken as being a criticism or a negative about Pete, and I don’t have any negative feelings about Pete at all. I think he’s a talented guy.”