Abbott’s Threat Against DC Worked

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As you well know, our southern border has been a mess for some time now. And thanks to Democratic President Joe Biden’s love of everything not American, it has only grown worse in the nearly two years that he has been in leadership.

Fortunately, some are willing to stand up for Americans and our communities—those like Texas Governor Greg Abbott.

Like many border state leaders, Abbott is sick and tired of seeing his people, his communities, being trampled on by those who have no legal right to be here but, because Biden pretty much invited them in, are ruining both our economy and the safety of our neighborhoods.

In particular, Abbott is tired of hearing that Biden is literally busing or even flying loads of illegal immigrants into unsuspecting inland communities to relieve the strain of packed border facilities.

And so, last week, Abbott issued a threat of sorts to Biden and his White House.

Basically, Abbott said that if these drop-offs continued, he would go to those communities with his own buses, round up the illegals who were dropped off, and have them sent instead to the doors of the White House itself, or at least Washington, DC.

Call it a showdown of Texas proportions, if you want. But, according to Abbott and his state officials, these are not just idle words. In fact, the Republican governor made it clear that he had the ability to do so via his Texas Division of Emergency Management.

And this week, according to multiple sources, it became clear that at least someone in Washington took that threat seriously.

How do we know?

Well, as promised, at the end of last week, Abbott’s TDEM sent some buses to a few of the communities that have been known to be used by Biden as drop-off points for his new friends. Officials had been made aware of these drop-off points by community members such as mayors, county judges, and, of course, concerned residents.

But when the buses arrived to begin collecting illegals recently dropped off, they found something rather curious.

“From the Rio Grande Valley) to Terrell County, a large majority of the communities that originally reached out for support through this operation have now said that the federal government has stopped dropping migrants in their town since the governor’s announcement on Wednesday,” Seth Christensen, chief media and communications of TDEM said

Basically, Biden blinked…

This is great news for Texans, assuming that the drop-offs do not begin again in the near future.

However, with former President Donald Trump’s Title 42 immigration policy to end on May 23, as Biden has said, it’s only a matter of time before Abbott and his state will be forced to find a solution for another problem, namely millions more migrants being allowed to come over the border at Biden’s invitation.

If you haven’t heard much about it, Title 42 was put in place by the Trump administration to 1) stem the flow of migrants coming across our southern border and 2) stop the spread of COVID that these migrants might be bringing in with them. Essentially, the law gave immigration officials the right to turn away migrants based on health concerns.

However, now that COVID and its pandemic are waning, the law is no longer really needed, at least as far as our health concerns go. Unfortunately, the same cannot be said of our need to limit the number of migrants being allowed to cross the border.

Naturally, this has those like Abbott and leaders around the nation worried that our immigration problems will only worsen in the coming months, as we have one less reason to turn away illegal immigrants. If Biden and his staff came up with a new and different plan to limit the swaths of migrants, there wouldn’t be so much concern.

But as you well know, that’s unlikely to happen under Biden and the liberals’ watch.

Whatever the case, Abbott and his state officials have made it clear to Biden that the continuation of his poor decisions will not be tolerated any longer. On Monday, he made yet another statement to this effect, promising the people of Texas that he has no plans to back down from securing their border, even when Biden won’t.