Accost a Cop? Here’s Your Get Out of Jail Free Card!

The Dems don’t get it. They don’t realize that they’re leading by example. When one person does something stupid and gets away with it, there’s going to be a long line of stupid people ready to do the same exact thing.

Where does it end? When do the stupid people get told to stop – and actually get penalized for doing it in the first place?

Well, New York City seems to be ground zero for where the stupid people get away with whatever it is that they want. The Dems just sit by watching it all with a bucket of popcorn like it’s the best movie they’ve ever seen.

Only, it’s real-life – but they’re too busy being entertained to do something about it all.

A man in New York City was charged with assaulting NYPD officers. He allegedly assaulted the Police Department Chief and resisted arrest.

Really, though, there’s no “alleged” when there’s a video showing that the guy did it. But, we’re not supposed to look at facts. We’re just supposed to be indignant that the man was even charged. Assault and resisting arrest aren’t really crimes – especially if you listen to Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

She’s blaming the violence on people stealing bread to feed their family. Hey, maybe this guy thought that the officers had bread? That would be a legit reason to maul an officer, right?

So, this man that was charged, Quran Campbell, was released without bail. The Manhattan court thought it would be a good idea to just give him a stern talking to.

No bail needed to be paid. It was as simple as a supervised release. What a cool ‘get out of jail free’ card he was given.

What does this tell people in NYC? It’s as if they’re advertising that it’s okay to not only assault an officer but also to resist arrest. After all, nothing will happen to them.

Now, Banks Shaborn wasn’t quite as lucky. He assaulted NYPD officers, too. Actually, Shaborn was a bit more aggressive. He assaulted Lieutenant Richard Mack to the point that Mach had broken orbital bones and needed 12 stitches.

Shaborn had a folding knife and a taser on his person. He was held on a bail of only $10,000.

While Mayor Bill De Blasio called to check on the health of the police officers who were assaulted, he still doesn’t bother to do anything about it.

He allows the courts to release those who are committing the crimes. It ensures that the long line of others planning to hurt the police has a green light to do what they want without any kind of penalty.

If De Blasio really cared about the NYPD, he’d be doing a couple of things. He’d stop playing into the ridiculous libs who want to defund the police. That billion he took away from the budget would go back in. He’d also make sure that the arrests being made stick.

De Blasio isn’t doing anything that would actually help the NYPD because the radical left is holding him in their pockets. He’s all about making sure that the violent protesters get to make their point – even if it means taking out a few police officers along the way.

What’s the point of even arresting people in New York City anymore if they’re able to get a ‘get out of jail free’ card? Because, apparently, that’s what the mayor is handing out.

You can literally gouge the eyes out of a police officer and still walk away without any charges. It’s a sweet deal if you’re a violent criminal – not so much when you’re just a nice police officer trying to do his job.

Now that the criminals know that they can do as they please, it’s only going to get worse.

There may not be much more that the Dems can do to get people to turn their heads and not look at the Freak Show that is NYC because it’s hard not to look.