Adios, California! Tech Giants Leave Liberal Land

Ridiculous Democratic rules, homelessness everywhere you look, and the stench of unclean streets are what many California businesses have had to deal with. Democratic leadership has failed at the hands of Governor Newsom as well as Representatives like Nancy Pelosi and Maxine Waters.

It’s hard for companies to strive for greatness when the state they’ve chosen to do business in is barely achieving mediocrity.

More and more tech giants are choosing to ditch California for a better (and more stable) home.

Keith Rabois, a former executive at both PayPal and Square, is one of the latest to ditch San Francisco, California. Where’s he heading? Miami, Florida.

Rabois recently told Fortune Magazine, “I think San Francisco is just so massively improperly run and managed that it’s impossible to stay here.”

He’s not alone. There have been a number of different companies taking a good look at where they’re at and what they’re being offered.

California is getting rich off of the taxes paid by these companies. Yet, California can’t even bother to clean up the homelessness that has become more and more prevalent. When the homeless have nowhere to go to the point that they’re having bowel movements in the street, it’s time to move on.

How is any company supposed to meet with clients and lure in the best employees when the smell of excrement is heavy in the air? It’s hardly an appealing way to build employee culture.

Since the politicians don’t seem too concerned about cleaning it up, companies are choosing to take their tax money elsewhere.

Silicon Valley has already seen a shift in the past few years. Many companies now view it more as an ideal than an actual location. With more people being able to do things digitally, there’s no longer the need to be based in Silicon Valley. It doesn’t hold the same allure as it did 10 years ago – and insufficient government action can be blamed for a lot of that.

South Florida has become a top destination for Americans to move to – during the pandemic and even before. This is all from a report from FCP, a real estate firm.

It’s not just the homelessness that has sent Americans packing to move from one coast to the other. It’s also the wildfires that have been out of control. It’s hard for many businesses to settle into building a corporate empire when so many wineries and businesses and homes have been consumed by wildfires.

One of the main draws for Californians to move to Florida is that they still get beaches. The only difference is that those beaches are controlled by a Republican governor instead of a Democratic one. The leadership is very different. People are able to choose whether they’re going to wear a mask or not based on whether they feel the situation warrants it. Further, the restrictions are focused on inside activities. For people who want to socially distance by going to the beach or boating on the Atlantic, they can do so and get out of the house.

The San Francisco Bay Area is in for a big change. As tech gurus decide to leave and as many households decide that their money can go further outside of California, they’re going to move.

The cost of homes in the Bay Area, either for purchase or for rent, are skyrocketing. Although Miami isn’t the cheapest for housing in the nation, it’s approximately 300% less than in the Bay Area. People can even cut their salaries in half and still live more comfortably in Florida. Much of this has to do with the remote work environment.

Newsom better buckle up for a bumpy ride because people are tired of the problems in California. Unless he’s going to do something about it all, he’s going to lose more tech giants – and perhaps his job by the next election, too.