America Under Biden! DeBlasio Wants to Start Arresting People Even if They Didn’t Commit Crimes, While Releasing Real Criminals

The phrase “woke police” is deployed often these days, especially as we are in the midst of a major culture war. Typically, we would not think of it in a literal sense. It’s usually deployed as a means of describing the social media scolds who are constantly looking to strip someone of their platform. However, Mayor De Blasio seems to have a more literal definition for the practice.

That’s right, you guessed it, he will be quite literally deploying “woke police” to make sure that no one is too hurtful to anyone else. The left wing is sure to love it, though. They would be overjoyed to have the opportunity to harass people over their beliefs. You know how that would go.

They’d yell “hate speech!” at anyone and everyone, until there was no one left to screech at. If you gave them state authority? There’s no telling how insane it might get. When Mayor De Blasio was asked what he planned to do about the rise of Asian-American hate crimes, his response was peculiar.

From the looks of it, De Blasio is looking to go after people for things that aren’t really crimes. Sure, no one should be yelling and jeering at random Asian passerby but how are the police going to enforce that? “Sorry, sir, you said “go back to China” in earshot of a woke police officer, you’re going to have to come with us.”

We can’t imagine that charge would ever stick. Any lawyer worth their salt would cut that case into ribbons without a second thought. In case you don’t believe us, take a look at what the insane mayor had to say. “Even if something is not a criminal case, a perpetrator being confronted by the city, whether it’s NYPD or another agency, and being told that what they’ve done was very hurtful to another person—and could, if ever repeated, lead to criminal charges—that’s another important piece of the puzzle,” de Blasio said at a Thursday press conference…

“The NYPD is a great example: one of the things officers are trained to do is to give warnings,” de Blasio said. “If someone has done something wrong, but not rising to a criminal level, it’s perfectly appropriate for an NYPD officer to talk to them to say, ‘that was not appropriate, and if you did that on a higher level, that would be a crime.’ I think that has an educating impact on people,” he said.

The phrase “slippery slope” is used a bit too often these days but it certainly applies here. This is also not as likely to appease the left as De Blasio would hope. After a year in which the left was hellbent on stripping the police of their funding, we don’t think that giving them MORE authority is the best solution. He’s a left wing mayor who is currently stumbling in the dark, looking for something to say that will get people back on his side.

Unfortunately, the damage has already been done. Some might be thinking differently. They could view this as a positive. After all, people have been known to behave in a hateful manner on the street. Maybe the police could serve as a valuable deterrent? De Blasio cannot even think about this in that logical of a manner. He’s actually looking for the police to make house calls to those who are found to have been hateful.

“I assure you, if an NYPD officer calls you or shows up at your door to ask about something you did, that makes people think twice, and we need that,” he says. If the NYPD finally decides to add a division that tackles problematic tweets, De Blasio’s mission will be complete. The city’s police department does not have enough to worry about, apparently. They are now being tasked with making sure that the streets are as woke as they are safe.