America Will Not Survive a Second Shutdown…We Must Resist at all Costs

As citizens are once again allowed to enjoy a nice meal in a restaurant and finally get their unruly locks trimmed by a barber or beautician, we’re being told to watch out for the second wave of Covid-19 coming this fall.

The so-called experts are telling us we may have to lock it all down again and go back to hiding in our basements like Joe Biden is still doing. But these experts, having almost destroyed America the first time around, have lost all credibility.

For way too long we stayed in quarantine, wore Halloween masks, stayed six-feet away from others, and avoided large crowds. We were good boys and girls until massive protests broke out in major cities and CDC guidelines were tossed out of the window. Why should we behave if they don’t have to?

On June 14, 1000 healthcare workers signed a letter that encouraged the protests to continue, even at the risk of contracting the sometimes fatal disease. The letter claimed the protests were “vital to the national public health and to the threatened health specifically of black people in the United States.”

The media had a field day with the letter. Attempting to have us believe that the move wasn’t hypocritical, two epidemiologists told the Atlantic, “health is about more than simply remaining free of coronavirus infection.”

While tens of millions of jobs were lost, businesses said goodbye, and unemployment offices were flooded with claims, the health workers signing the rubbish of a letter, didn’t even consider the diseases further spread. Protesting in large groups was far more important than staying alive.

City workers in Brooklyn welded shut the gates of a playground used primarily by the Hasidic Jewish Community in their efforts to reduce the closeness in which the kids were playing. This was only one day following a city-approved “Black Trans Lives Matter” rally in which thousands of sign-carriers packed into Brooklyn’s Grand Army Plaza, standing shoulder-to-shoulder.

According to NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio, large group gatherings and playgrounds are still forbidden, yet he had no problems with allowing the rally. This of course leads to the most obvious question, does DeBlasio really care about slowing down Covid-19, or is he simply putting on a show?

De Blasio is not the lone ranger. Mayors all over America, mostly Democrats, sat back with their feet propped up as left-wing radicals torched and destroyed their cities. Yet these same mayors, just like de Blasio, continue urging non-protesting law-abiding citizens to keep hunkering down and staying safe. Hypocrisy at its finest.

So why did America shut down in the first place? Why, from inside our homes, did we have to daily watch our economy tumble lower and lower, only now to observe sanctioned protests? Seattle is a prime example.

Protestors have seized a portion of the city where they are camping and frolicking to their heart’s content, while the cities liberal mayor has referenced the takeover as the “Summer of Love.”

Our nation’s capital has seen days upon days of endless Black Lives Matter protests where thousands have gathered. They’ve painted the streets, marched arm and arm, and totally ignored all health guidelines. Yet, Mayor Muriel Browser, just announced “Phase 2” of reopening the District so the residents can go back to church, but only under certain conditions.

While America’s economy is showing signs of picking back up, it’s too little too late for the millions of unemployed, many of who have no job left to even return to. And this is a tragedy of the worst sort. Families not only need to eat, but they also need to pay their rents and mortgages so they still have a place to eat.

Was shutting everything down worth the chaos and disruption? Was it worth tanking the economy? The answer is a resounding no.

America has suffered far greater than it would have had we not shut down. Health is determined in many ways, and though some may falsely claim we did what we had to, they could not be more incorrect.

The toll of the shut down has literally destroyed the livelihoods of millions who stand a good chance of never recovering. They may not have Covid-19, but now they have nothing left of the lives they worked so hard to build.

Had we not lock, stock, and barrel, shut everything down in a panic, 99% of the problems our nation is currently experiencing would not exist today. Perhaps more citizens may have contracted the disease, but there would be far less devastation in terms of the economic survival of millions, who must now suffer for other reasons.

We can never allow this to happen again. But, if we didn’t learn the first time around, there’s a good chance our liberal governors and mayors who care more about protesters than their average everyday citizens, will make the same mistake again. And this time, our economy will crash and burn, to never recover. Goodbye America.