American’s Last! After Inviting Millions of Illegal Aliens Into the Country Biden Let’s H1-B Visas Ban Expire

It was a wise choice at the time, for a number of reasons. Obviously, this was a great way to keep additional COVID-19 cases from having a chance to pile up. There’s also the simple fact that there are too many unemployed American workers who need a job on our side of the pond. They shouldn’t need to tap into foreign talent pools at this point.

Biden should have been willing to leave well enough alone. Instead, he is repeating the same behavior that has defined his presidency up until now. All he wants to do is overturn every decision that Trump has ever made and that’s all there is to it. He should be leaving well enough alone but he can’t seem to do that.

The ban is being allowed to expire and Biden is going to make sure that things are kicked into high gear. This shouldn’t be a problem but to Biden? Any policy that Trump has ever come up with is fair game to be destroyed. It does not matter what the policy is. Bloomberg has more about this developing story:

“President Joe Biden plans to allow a pandemic-related ban on visas for certain temporary workers, enacted by former President Donald Trump, to expire Wednesday, according to people familiar with the matter.

The moratorium, which affected H-1B visas used by technology companies to hire foreign coders and engineers, was imposed last June. Biden is opting not to renew it, said the people, who asked not to be identified because the decision hasn’t been announced. The White House declined to comment.

Biden’s decision will please business groups from Silicon Valley giants to India’s IT services leaders, which had pressured the administration to lift the ban ever since the new president took office. Executives have grown frustrated that the directive was not immediately revoked, arguing it hurts U.S. companies.”

This is not a program that we oppose in principle, lest anyone get the wrong idea. We have always felt like it can work for the American employer but there are caveats. If they are found to have prioritized the program over the needs of American workers, they should be punished for these sorts of actions.

If the economy is strong and employment is high, employers are more than welcome to draw from the largest talent pool possible. At the moment, none of those conditions apply. We are being told that we need to practice restraint during the process of getting everyone vaccinated so that another surge does not take place. This does not seem to apply when we are discussing this initiative, though.

It’s funny how that works, isn’t it? Biden wants us to double and triple mask up but he also wants to invite a new wave of foreigners to spread the virus even further. Our unemployment situation may be improving at the moment but there are still huge swaths of Americans who are out of work right now. This is not the time to start opening up the doors to anyone who wants to come get a job.

There’s no reason to take the risk, unless you are looking to spite Donald Trump. Biden is being reckless here and he knows it. He is simply banking on the fact that the average American does not know any better. The tech sector is putting their boots on his neck and he is caving in, as always. Now, we have to endure the consequences because Biden does not know how to draw a line in the sand.