Anarchists are Abducting America

What is happening in America with the Black Lives Matter group is similar to what happened in Tehran in 1979. It was here that crazy Iranian people took 52 hostages from the embassy.

The events that led up to the attack were planned and the guards that kept the public out of the embassy were removed over time until the crowd was able to overpower the last few people guarding the front doors to the embassy.

The same thing is starting to happen in Democratic-controlled cities as they remove law enforcement one piece at a time. It is happening every time a monument is removed.

The violent mobs roaming the frontier of America are getting worse. They are found in areas where the liberals are in power. In these areas, the mobs have not been stopped or confronted with force by any Democratic leaders.

Instead, they are encouraged by the Democrats to push harder and further into American ideology and challenge law and order. They are told by the Democrats to see how far they push people before law pushes back.

These terrorists are tearing down monuments and trying to erase everything that makes America great because they hate the fact that President Trump sits in the White House. They have been brainwashed by the media that the president is an evil man and needs to be removed.

They laugh in the face of authority as they only want a place with no law and order. They want a place that models northern Mexico that is ruled by drug lords and people live in fear for their lives.

President Trump has already issued a stern warning to these people. If they persist in attacking the monuments and defacing federal property, then they will face time in prison. Seattle is a perfect picture of the failed anarchy that has gripped the city with violence.

Durkan allowed and even praised the whoremongers as they took over and set up their political zone. Within days crime was on the rise and murders were taking place. The Seattle mayor had to eat her words of praise and admit that it is time to retake the city from the terrorists.

The Seattle failure is a glimpse of what the nation will look like if Antifa and BLM continue to deface America. This picture is what the Democrats have to offer if they get real power on the federal level. There is not an American alive that would admit that they would want to live in that kind of place.

Even some of the protestors love their freedoms and being able to go to work without having to fear for their lives. But they have been brainwashed to believe that they would somehow be exempt from the terrors of an anarchy state of rule.

Change is brought about through peaceful means in the United States. Nothing ever good comes from trying to force change through violent means. The Constitution was designed so that changes could happen, and freedoms could be protected and expanded.

But the ways of the anarchist fly in the face of law and order. Democratically supported anarchists will never care who they hurt or rob. They are in business for themselves.

America has a true picture of Democratic rule in Seattle and other areas. No one in their right mind would ever want to submit to a drug lord’s style of ruling. The crime and violence happen at night and the Democratic-controlled media refuses to report on the true nature of the occupied areas of the country.

The president will not stand by and let a few liberal nutjobs wreck the greatest country on the face of the planet. He is already drafting means to put a stop to the violence. And if that includes the use of the military, then the military will be used.

The Democrats have to learn that there is nothing good about what they represent any longer. Their younger versions of themselves are a lot more sinister and unethical than the older generation.

They have created a monster. But the president and the Republicans stand in their way and endeavor to keep them from toppling the greatest country in the world.