And It Get’s Worse! DoD Had Kabul Suicide Bomber Under Surveillance but Biden Refused to Order Drone Strike

Roger Pardo-Maurer, the former U.S. Deputy Assistant Secretary of Defense for Western Hemisphere Affairs (2001-2006), paid a visit to Univision Noticias on Monday. He had a sit down with Jorge Ramos and it was a very illuminating chat. They spoke about the terrible withdrawal plans that Biden made and we were happy to hear it.

It’s not something that we enjoy harping on but it needs to be pointed out. This did not have to go as badly as it has. The conversation took some interesting turns. Pardo-Maurer told Ramos the Department of Defense was aware of the suicide bomber at the Kabul airport before the events unfolded.

They had a lock on him and had the chance to fire a drone in his direction. Instead of eliminating this threat, they allowed the suicide bomber to continue. Over 100 Afghans died as a result of this tragedy. 13 American soldiers also passed away. Biden does not care about any of this because he got his way.

The withdrawal has gone about as poorly as possible and this is the only way that we are ever allowed to hear any sort of real discussion about it. The US Department of Defense watched 13 Americans die and they did nothing about it. That’s how little they care about human life.

Biden wanted the withdrawal and he wanted it now. “Per former Deputy Assistant SecDef Roger Pardo-Maurer, the DoD had foreknowledge of the Kabul bomber AND denied permission to fire to the Predator drone that had a lock on the bomber,” Jorge Bonilla shared. This is a story that cannot be stifled. The actions that Biden has taken here need to be called out but no one in his circle is ready to do so.

How can one administration be this inept? They cannot handle simple tasks and we are all being forced to suffer as a result of this. No, we are not referring to Americans alone. The rest of the world is left to deal with the aftermath and that’s on Biden. He did not consider these consequences when he first got started on this foolish mission.

Now, Afghans are dying at an alarming rate and American soldiers are also in more danger than ever before. Biden also refuses to think about the issues that he is causing for our foreign allies. Boris Johnson was left hanging for days when Biden decided to launch the withdrawal. Who’s side is Joe even on here?

The more time that passes, the harder it gets to remember. He acts like he is looking to bring Americans together but all he is doing is driving a massive wedge between our country and the rest of the world. How does he not see this? We feel like we are stuck inside one of the worst movies possible right now and there’s no end in sight.

If people who have no reason to critique Biden are offering up these opinions publicly, that should tell the radical left all that they need to know. It’s not even too late for Biden to make the right choice. He could easily remove all of the ammunition and additional military equipment from the country. Sleepy Joe could even come up with a good rescue plan but that’s too much to ask as well.

He loves to play the blame game and the White House is right there to help out at every possible turn. Now that we have learned that Biden had the opportunity to put a stop to a suicide bomber and inexplicably chose not to? We are more infuriated than ever.

We are impatiently waiting for the rest of America to wake up and smell the coffee. Joe Biden does not care, he never will care and he can’t be bothered to care. Anyone who is waiting for him to do the right thing is severely deluded. What a freaking mess!