And the Horror Begins! Taliban Execute Women for Not Wearing Burqas and Biden Blames Victims

The Taliban may be proclaiming a renewed interest in protecting the rights of women but their actions and their words are not matching at the moment. Sure, they can make all of the statements in the world about catering to the women of their country. That’s not what they actually believe, even if their woke posts are drawing lots of attention from the easily impressed liberals.

Militants murdered a woman for not wearing her burqa and the story is a tragic one. The tragedy took place in Afghanistan’s Takhar region, as graphic photos circulated of the immediate aftermath. She was left to lie in a pool of her own blood and this is what Joe Biden’s insane foolishness has wrought.

The Taliban’s public statements sure sound nice enough, though. They have claimed that they are going to “provide women with environment to work and study, and the presence of women in different (government) structures according to Islamic law and in accordance with our cultural values.” All it took was one woman without a burqa to change all of that.

She took one innocent stroll and her life was ended. This is what Biden has allowed and her blood is most assuredly on his hands. The Taliban has been engaging in these acts of domestic terrorism regularly. Now that the American military is being told that it is time to leave, things are only going to get that much worse.

To make matters even more dangerous, the United States mainstream media is gleefully parroting everything that they have to say about their willingness to start respecting women’s rights. They want to believe that they are not leaving the women of this country to be killed. It’s a deluded way to look at this and we wish that they would reconsider immediately.

It’s time to start telling the truth about what is really going to happen in this country. It is time for Joe Biden to start taking responsibility for his actions and stop trying to sleep his days away. He is crossing his fingers that the news cycle will push this off the front page but that’s not going to happen any time soon, is it?

The talking points about Taliban wokeness are patently false and should not be repeated any longer. The mainstream media should have taken this nonsense a lot less seriously. Instead, they allow Joe Biden to supply them with their news because it is easier than actually doing some research.

These are the stories that have to be swept under the rug now because it is imperative that we paint the Taliban as being progressive. Otherwise, Biden would have to admit that his decision was wrong. He would rather pretend that he did not leave the nation to fend for themselves, especially the women.

CNN is in on the grifting here, too. They took to their Instagram to recite the same talking points that Biden has asked them to. They are so dutiful, aren’t they? CNN had the nerve to say that “women would still be allowed to continue their education, and diplomats, journalists, and non-profits could continue operating in the country”. How is this even possible? They really posted this without a worry or a care in the world.

That’s how the liberals roll. In the meantime, hundreds of Afghans marched through the streets of Jalalabad on Wednesday, as a means of showing their opposition to the Taliban’s control. The militants would soon open fire on the crowd, as demonstrators and journalists on the scene were assaulted.

The mainstream media does not want to discuss this because it goes against the silly facade that they have created. “Despite the risks, hundreds of protesters marched through the main shopping street, whistling, shouting and bearing large flags of the Afghan Republic. Taliban fighters fired in the air to break up the crowd, but the protesters did not disperse, video aired by local news media outlets showed,” the New York Times shared. Keep on buying into Biden’s lies, mainstream media toadies.