AOC Comes to Grips with the Fact the She is as Ignorant as She is Arrogant

The inexperience of Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez comes through the more she tries to engage on a level beyond her thinking ability. She is a typical Democrat that cannot take any criticism that challenges her mental state. Her intellect is as shallow as her compassion is for people. She is a fake that sits in a seat of power and has made her drunk with false authority.

In typical fashion, Ocasio-Cortez loves to fire back at people that speak out against her and slam her verbally to the ground. She does it with the president, and she attacks small children that make fun of her. She just does not have the wisdom needed to hold her tongue and not lash out at every person that makes fun of her.

Ocasio-Cortez is crying over a jab that came from Marjorie Taylor-Greene. She slammed the crazy freshman by saying, “She has single handily [sic] put an end to all ‘dumb blonde’ jokes. Blondes everywhere appreciate your service and your sacrifice!”

Taylor-Greene is pointing out that Ocasio-Cortez is as dumb as a rock. Her intellect has no way of understanding beyond surface-level knowledge. This one statement of truth has set off a firestorm of anger against Taylor-Greene. Even the liberal media has come to the defense of the freshman politician.

Some have pointed out that Taylor-Greene has blond hair. As if to say that she is slamming herself. But the statement was directed at the integrity of Ocasio-Cortez. And most people will not disagree that she often does things and says things that blow all reason.

The idea of blonde jokes is being replaced with the concept of being dumb as the AOC. This idea would be fun for everyone. Most blonds do not like jokes about them. So, to be fair to all blonds, it would be better and more fun to place the level of stupidity on the AOC. It just fits.

Every time Ocasio-Cortez enters the scene, she starts to make Joe Biden look like a theologian. The AOC has provided her diminished insights into the death of the Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg. She has tried to give condolences and sympathy to everyone, but no one is listening to her. Nothing she says has any depth to it or helps with any understanding. She is a failed politician trying to save her neck in the coming election.

The AOC has a mouth the size of Texas. She stated that “Don’t worry Ms. Greene, I completely understand why you need to swing + miss at my intellect to make yourself feel better.” No one can be impressed with her words as they resemble a playground fight.

The immature AOC also said in a post, “You seem to have some trouble spelling your own insults correctly. Next time try ‘single-handedly,’ it’ll work better. Good luck writing legislation!” The funny part about her reply is that she admits that no Democrat can beat Taylor-Greene in the upcoming election. She assumes that she will be writing bills in the months to come.

The media presents the Democratic Party as being victims. They want people to think that everyone is out to get the liberals at every turn. But the Democrats are criminal and physically attack their opposition at every level. The AOC is guilty of attacking children that have made fun of her. But there has never been any reply or outcry from the media over her actions because they approve of their words.

Taylor-Greene is a tank when it comes to being attacked back. She stated very clearly that “The Fake News Media, the DC Swamp, and their radical leftist allies see me as a very serious threat. I will not let them whip me into submission.” The Democrats seek to control people and beat down the ones that they cannot control.

AOC Comes to Grips with the Fact the She is Stupid as She is ArrogantThe Democrats hate people that think for themselves. They love to force people to accept their ways and discredit people that do not feel their way. This is one reason why the hate President Trump and now they hate Taylor-Greene because she thinks for herself. The AOC is told what to believe and what to say, which makes her dumber than a joke.