AOC Gets Spanked by Cuomo in DNC Election

The younger generation of Democrats is finding out that they must work hard to be placed in any position of authority within the Democratic Party. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez got spanked when she tried to challenge Andrew Cuomo for the lead of New York’s Democratic National Convention.

The little snake actually thought that she could beat out a seasoned politician by thinking that people were ticked off with his performance in dealing with COVID-19 and other issues.

The dominant male easily took down the childish freshman as she blindsided Jay Jacobs with a motion to try and remove Cuomo from leadership. Ocasio-Cortez has a lot to learn about working hard for what she wants.

Her sad little liberal group thinks that they are a privileged few that should be given everything on a golden platter just because they feel they are special.

A hard lesson to learn in front of thousands of people watching her get toasted. The sheer embarrassment of her actions made everyone drop their heads into their hands and think about the ridiculous motion she just made.

Her way of thinking is a perfect model of what the BLM is trying to get people to do for them. Their demands are no different because they want what everyone else has. They just don’t want to work hard to accomplish anything for themselves.

Jay Jacobs was not at least happy with the childish attempt to unseat Cuomo. Ocasio-Cortez told someone to make the motion.

She believed deep down her popularity propaganda that she could beat out old Cuomo. Her arrogance would soon turn to forced humility as the votes would come in as 218 for Cuomo and a sad 34 for witchy Ocasio-Cortez.

Her demands of power paint a picture of every Democrat. Cuomo himself has a difficult time accepting help from others in greater positions of power.

He refused to let the president help with COVID-19 when it was running through the state. Only after he realized he would need the help would he cautiously accept help from the federal government.

Jacobs was quick to point out the greed of the little toddler. He stated “It was a bad performance. AOC got 13 percent of the vote. She did vote for herself.” Voting for oneself is a sad way of showing a lack of confidence in getting votes.

The unity that Jacobs sought is now a thing of the past as the fractures just keep on happening within the demonic party.

Jacobs went on to say “It surprised me. I was blindsided by it. It was bad faith.” He tried to show grace by saying that Ocasio-Cortez had nothing to do with the motion. Truth be told is that she wanted it to happen or she would have turned down the motion before it ever went to a vote. She flat out wanted the position, so she staged the event to appear that she had nothing to do with it.

By challenging Cuomo for the spot, she was inserting herself into a role that rightly belongs to the governor. There is no reason for her to try and do the job that Cuomo is to do being governor.

Ocasio-Cortez wants to have nothing to do with the convention unless she is controlling things. She would not even show up to the very meeting held in her moment of challenge. She was too afraid of the embarrassment of losing.

Her words of why she did not go ache in the ears of people that have to listen to her squeaky voice. She whined that “We didn’t want to lead the New York delegation at the DNC convention. We have no plans to go.”

She lied when she tried to distance herself from the nomination by having a representative state “Alexandria was surprised someone nominated her. We didn’t ask anyone to nominate her. We did not attempt to whip any votes. We had no premeditated thoughts about this whatsoever.”

Ocasio-Cortez just cannot stand Cuomo, and he hates her just as much. The Amazon deal that Cuomo set up was torn down by socialist years ago. This fuels the bad blood between them. Their fighting only proves the divisiveness within their faltering party.