AOC Hunts for Money Before Her Time Runs Out

Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez is jumping around on different bandwagons hoping to make a name for herself in the final months of her terrorizing reign in the House. She has sat around complaining about everything for two years.

And now that it is time for reelection, she is hoping that her district has forgotten about her massive failures and looks at what she is rushing into now. Her push is to join up with New York Governor Andrew Cuomo and tax New York state billionaires to the brink of starvation.

Their reasoning behind the sick move is to help people that have been hurt by the pandemic. As if billionaires are the reasons why people suffer.

The righteous Republicans are fighting back to keep their socialist agenda from happening. The Democrats love to attack the rich. But the Republicans have kept the measure from becoming law in other parts of the state where the same tactic has been tried.

The state has a $13 billion deficit that the Democrats would love to blame on the billionaires. They believe that just because they have the money that they should just hand it over to liberals to mismanage for another year.

One socialist that supports the idea on the state level is Jessica Ramos from Queens. She is jealous of the wealth of the 119 billionaires that live in New York. She wants to take their money and hand it out the people that are lazy and do not want to work for themselves.

The Democrats keep the poor in poverty by giving them handouts. Instead, the poor should be helped to find jobs and to make a living for themselves. They need help to realize the American dream.

They do not need money they did not earn because they will just waste and stand again with their handout looking for more freebies from the liberals.

Liberals in New York have several other bills that are designed to steal money from the wealthy. Their Robinhood approach to helping the poor is just going to weaken the state’s economy and will force the billionaires to move out of state.

Cuomo and his famous girl’s club will be without their precious resource as a result. Democrats control the state legislature, but the Republicans are going to fight for the people and do what they can to stop the theft of billions of dollars.

New York has an extremely high tax rate already. The top 2 percent of the wealthy pay over half of the state’s liability for taxes. Robert Mujica is the governor’s budget director and he stated that “It’s interesting when you have people elected to Congress pushing for state action when they can’t get action in Congress. It’s absolutely necessary for the federal government to step up and provide the support we need.”

Democrats are bad with money. They cry for more money when they have all they need. They need to manage those funds well each year and not create a budget shortfall so they do not have to punish the innocent wealthy for their lousy math skills.

Ocasio-Cortez is sold on the idea. It falls right in line with her desire to socialize America. She and the other socialists in America are destroying the country one state at a time. She told the governor that “Gov. Cuomo, we need you to pass a billionaires tax, in order to make sure that we’re providing for our working families. It’s time to stop protecting billionaires, and it’s time to start working for working families.”

Billionaires are the strength of America. Without them, the economy would never grow, and it would not be as strong as it is now. The billionaires are the ones that have strong businesses that can employ people and put them to work.

The rich are not the solution to curing the destruction of the coronavirus. Letting people get back to work and lowering taxes would put New York back on the map to recovery faster than any billionaire could. In the end, Ocasio-Cortez and other Democrats see this as a way to hurt the president since he is one of those billionaires.