AOC Strikes Again! Demands Cuomo and de Blasio Raise Taxes Amid Economic Turmoil

As much as I might hate to admit it, New York Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez didn’t make it to Congress simply because she’s “easy on the eyes,” as some have referred to her as. Instead, she proved to have a quick wit and intelligent mind, at least when it came to outmaneuvering long time Democrat Representative Joe Crowley.

However, it would seem that whatever good sense and wit it took to get elected into the House of Representatives soon vacated her body shortly after assuming her new title and all that goes with, i.e., power.

They say it does strange things to a person.

And if AOC is any kind of proof, I’d say they are right.

Take one of her most recent examples of stupidity, for instance.

As you well know, the nation as a whole has undergone some rather tenuous times as of late, in particular, due to the novel coronavirus pandemic. And both the state of New York and New York City have been hit rather hard by not only high case numbers and infection rates but also a complete economic downturn, which has brought the city to its knees.

As AOC is a public servant, her job is to listen to what the people who live and work in her district need and then work to make those requests happen. Quite naturally, much of those requests of late have had to do with education and the care of our young.

According to the New York Post, AOC has received multiple complaints from her constituents about the state of public schools in the area, basically saying that these “schools are not safe to re-open.” AOC said, “poorly ventilated and unsanitized classrooms, ambiguous or ineffective health screening, COVID testing, and contact tracing protocols, and severe staffing shortages, on top of COVID cases in at least 55 schools, all indicate we are not ready to re-open.”

But since schools are open, as we cannot afford to not send our children to school, AOC proposes that funding be raised to fix these problems.

It seems like a sensible idea, right? I mean, after all, our children are our future. Safety and health concerns such as the ones that have been brought to AOC’s attention shouldn’t be ignored.

The only problem is that we are still experiencing the pandemic and the stress it has put on finances both on a personal and commercial level.

So, where does she propose we get such funding? Why, raising taxes, of course.

After blaming NYC Mayor Bill de Blasio for cutting $700 million from the school budget and “almost nothing meaningful from NYPD,” she stated that taxes should be raised for NYC’s wealthy.

But while some would say these people have more than enough to spare, smart politicians aren’t quite as eager to agree.

State Governor Andrew Cuomo, while not known to always make the wisest of decisions, does understand that taxing the wealthy rarely works out favorably for those doing the taxing.

He noted to the Post that in the months since the pandemic took to our shores, scores of wealthy Americans have left the Big Apple for less populated pastures. And United Van Lines CEO Marc Rogers can only agree. He “told FOX business that the majority of residents moving out of Manhattan, 61 percent, are earning over $100,000.”

Cuomo, unlike most Democrats, knows that raising taxes would likely only give those leaving more reasons to stay away from NYC.

Then again, it’s not just the city they are staying away from. Cuomo also believes raising taxes for the affluent “would make New York uncompetitive with other states.” As it stands now, New York already has the highest tax rate of any state in the US, coming in at 12.2 percent, according to WalletHub.

No wonder New Yorkers are leaving en masse.

Maybe if AOC hadn’t so strongly opposed tech giant Amazon’s 2019 plans to move its second headquarters to Queens – a move that would have increased revenue in the city by nearly $30 billion and added about 25,000 jobs – the Big Apple wouldn’t be in such a pickle to make ends meet.

Not really a smart move for an economics major, huh?

But like I said, even the smallest amount of common sense must have left the woman as soon as she was elected.