Apple’s in Jeopardy of Being Part of the Cancel Culture

Liberals have decided to play a little game where anyone in Corporate American can become a victim if they speak out against a cause. If you choose the wrong side of the argument, you run the risk of being canceled.

What exactly does being canceled mean?

Being canceled means that everyone turns against you. Boycotts are created against your company. Social media accounts tag you incessantly with warnings about how you dare to go against their opinions.

Essentially, you’re canceled from society. You don’t have the opinion that the liberals want you to have, which means that you’re of no value to them.

Many companies have seen what it means to be canceled. Sometimes, they are able to resurrect themselves stronger than ever because of support from the “other” side. Sometimes, they simply fade away into the background.

No one asked for Apple CEO Tim Cook’s opinion on the riots happening at the Capitol. However, he felt the need to give it anyway.

In an interview with Gayle King from CBS, Cook said that people responsible for the riots should be held accountable. He said, “This is something we’ve got to be very serious about, and understand, and then we need to move forward.”

What he’s saying sounds reasonable. However, the far-right don’t feel as though they should be held accountable. Those on the far left also don’t want to move forward.

So, extremists on both sides have taken issue with what Apple’s CEO has to say about the riots. Cook has tried to stick to the middle ground.

However, that’s not what the cancel culture wants. They want companies to pick a side. To do so can be dangerous – and Apple noticed their stocks take a nosedive immediately following the comments.

While the Apple stocks have neutralized at the moment, there’s no telling what they’ll do if Tim Cook decides to talk about his opinions openly a bit more.

Many of the extremists want to do business with companies that have a similar mindset. If the company is promoted by people like Donald Trump or Ted Cruz, liberals will stay far away from it. Meanwhile, those who are a part of the GOP may go out of their way to support the company.

Cook was treading on dangerous ground when he answered questions by King, who seemed to almost lead him into the territory in which he could be canceled. Should President Trump be held accountable for the violence that erupted at the Capitol Building?

Without actually taking a side, Cook said “no one is above the law.”

The question really remains as to whether Trump incited the violence. He asked people to join him in the capital but he never actually told people to enter the building and create the violence that was seen.

All Cook wants is to see that people be held accountable. He didn’t say whether Trump should be held accountable or if some of the members of Antifa who are suspected to have been in attendance be held accountable. Cook was calculated in his word choices – but that’s not what people want to hear.

The far-left and the far-right have been tearing at the threads of America for over a year. There’s a significant divide within the country. Biden thinks that it can be mended – but there’s more and more ripping being done each and every day.

Although Cook has been careful during interviews, he tends to be a bit more vocal when he’s hiding behind his computer screen. On Twitter, he called the riots a “sad and shameful chapter” while going on about the importance of completing the transition for the Biden administration.

Cook has always had a good working relationship with Trump, working with him on tax reform, trade, and more. However, Apple has been responsible for removing Parler from the app store.

Apple is in jeopardy of being canceled from both sides – he’s been friendly with Trump and he’s making it hard for Americans to enjoy the freedom of speech through Parler. Cook needs to be very careful over the next few weeks or there could be a huge influx of people trading in their iPhones for Androids.