Are Socialists Poised to Take Over Buffalo?

It’s been a two-party system in the United States for as long as we can remember. Sure, there are candidates from some of the smaller parties. However, it usually comes down to one of two people: the Republican or the Democrat.

Every now and then, an election comes about that shows that people may be getting tired of hearing from the most powerful political parties. Other parties such as Socialist, Libertarian, or Green are heard. And while they come closer to being elected, it still ends up being either a Republican or Democratic candidate.

That might be about to change in Buffalo, New York.

The state of New York has always leaned more to the left than to the right. Even in Western New York, most of the leaders are Democratic.

In Buffalo, they haven’t seen a Republican mayor since 1965. The past five have been Democrats.

It would be easy to see why residents of Buffalo are not ready to change up everything and vote for a Republican.

However, who they’re about to vote for may show a dangerous step in the wrong direction for Buffalo, New York, and potentially even the rest of the country.

India Walton is running as a candidate from the Socialist Party.

Most people haven’t heard of Walton before because she’s a political newcomer. However, she’s a socialist community activist in the area. She’s been running for Buffalo mayor, and she has the support of the Democratic Socialists of America – the same group that loves to throw their support behind Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Walton is set to make history in a number of ways. She would be the first female mayor in the history of Buffalo politics. She’d also be the first socialist mayor that the U.S. has seen in decades.

It appears that she might actually win, too. The Associated Press called the race on Tuesday as Walton being the victor since she was leading incumbent Mayor Byron Brown by seven points.

Mayor Brown is only coming across as a sore loser. He refused to debate her in the weeks before the election. He has also refused to concede, guaranteeing the people of Buffalo that every single vote is getting counted.

She has given a victory speech to thank the “well-meaning group of rebels and revolutionaries” that helped to make her win possible.

It’s easy to see why she would win against Mayor Brown. He was a Democrat who was stuck in his Democratic ways. He wanted to hold the city down and hold the city back.

Walton said that she wants to help people to claim what is rightfully theirs, saying “We are the workers. We do the work. And we deserve a government that works with and for us.”

Well, all of that sounds great.

Who doesn’t want a government that will work with and for us? That sounds like every American’s dream.

The problem is that Walton is a socialist. The socialists have done a great job of making their governmental approach sound exciting. Young Americans, in particular, are excited to see something change because they know that people like Biden aren’t helping them.

Why not go socialist when they’re being given such nuggets of hope to hold onto?

Most people who want to embrace socialism as the best solution for the U.S. don’t understand that it is more controlling. They don’t understand that socialism continues to fail – and people from Venezuela and other socialist nations have been trying to warn Americans not to go down the same path.

Bernie Sanders, one of the most notorious socialists in American politics, was quick to jump on the win. He tweeted that “This victory is ours.” Yes, Bernie…yes, it is. He also tweeted “It is the first of many.”

Yikes. That’s where we have to draw the line. It’s one thing to elect a socialist mayor in Buffalo. It’s another thing to elect a socialist governor or president.

If socialism wins, capitalism loses. Innovation dies. Our great country won’t be so great anymore. So, let’s hope that Walton becomes a glaring example of why socialism cannot extend past Buffalo, NY.