Are we Not Supposed to Talk About the Murders in Chicago? Mainstream Media Won’t

It’s funny how the media has a way of downplaying certain issues happening around the country. Some of the cities with the highest crime have a long history of being run by Democrats. As such, these cities don’t make the front-page news as often. Why? Dems don’t want to show that their style of politics is ineffective.

Chicago’s news has been hidden long enough. The level of violence is continuing to escalate. When there are so many people protesting violence and demanding that things improve, no one wants to seem to deal with the issue in Chicago.

Over the weekend, there were 64 people shot with 13 of them being killed. This includes several children being part of the casualties. Perhaps the most terrifying part is that the violence over the weekend was actually less than it has been in recent weeks.

Gun violence is out of control. Yet, Democrats don’t want to talk about it. They would rather talk about racism, even where racism doesn’t exist. They would rather hold workshops so that people can learn how to undo their whiteness. What about undoing blackness? Are we not supposed to talk about the black on black murders happening on a weekly basis in Chicago?

The number of gangs has increased. The number of children joining gangs has increased. The number of illegal firearms on the streets has increased. Meanwhile, the amount of intervention from Democratic leaders has not. Chicago’s mayor, Lori Lightfoot, stands by and watches her city tear itself apart.

Let’s not blame it all on the Democratic mayor. She should be getting support from others who have been elected into office. The senators within her state should be able to help. Dick Durbin is a Senator who has been in the position since 1997.

Unfortunately, he has managed to sit idly by for 23 years while Chicago continues to get worse. He has yet to show that he is worthy of his salary. There’s also Tammy Duckworth, another Democratic Senator who could bring about change within the city of Chicago – but she’s too busy trying to privatize water instead of trying to save lives.

Danny Davis, the Representative who covers Chicago, too, is a Democrat – and he’s been in office since 1997.

Each and every leader that can make an impact in Chicago choose not to. Each and every leader associated with Chicago is a member of the Democratic Party. It’s as if they want to see the city tear itself apart. It brings into question whether they have bets going on behind the scenes as to how high the death count can be before they need to step in and actually do their job.

Only the local papers seem to be reporting on what’s really happening in Chicago. Mass shootings in Humboldt Park. Shots being fired randomly in various communities. Drive-by shootings.

There were two marches held to protest the violence. Progress, right? Except there were probably only about 100 people between the two. It’s a small effort considering the Black Lives Matter marches that happened a month ago in the city.

Where are the protests to show the anger about the violence in Chicago? Where is the upset? Why are people willing to allow the violence in Chicago to continue, day after day and year after year? How are the lives of every person in Chicago who have died any less than the one of George Floyd?

Chicago is a dumpster fire, with more of the shootings happening than ever. If Black Lives Matter wanted to show that black lives really do matter, they would step into Chicago and use all of their rallying support to make a difference. They would demand that the police do something. Instead, they want to end police brutality when there’s an even bigger issue happening right under their noses.

The media may not want to talk about Chicago and the Dems may have turned their backs, but something has to be done about the city.