Are You Kidding? Fauci: If You Attack Me You Are Attacking Science

Dr. Fauci will not stop repeating this point. With all due respect, it is time for him to stop. While Dr. Fauci has admitted that his views have been subject to change as he has learned more about the virus, there is still much to be desired from the doctor’s thought process. Once it became clear that children were not great vectors for the virus, he supported the reopening of schools.

He has good faith reversals of past policies from time time time, which is good. Some of his tactics cannot be described in good faith, though. Dr. Fauci claims that his approach is steeped in innocence but we are not so sure. Sometimes, he comes across as someone who is trying to take vengeance on those who have not heeded his warnings.

If you mess with the bull, you are going to get the horns! That’s how Dr. Fauci comes across at times. The public has been being deceived each and every step of the way. When the pandemic first began, the masks needed to be saved for medical personnel. Then, we all needed to be stocking up in our own right. He also low balled us when it came to levels of vaccination that we would need to reach in order to achieve herd immunity.

Now, he is trying his best to apply one of his patented spin jobs to the lab leak theory. This theory was referred to as racist before and no one could even reference that without being called out for it in the mainstream media. Once the leak started to gain traction among legitimate scientific fields, those who decried it before have been quietly changing their tune.

Some probably remember the Lancet letter from last spring, which had been masterminded by Peter Daszak. In a funny little coincidence, Daszak has a nonprofit that is closely linked to the pandemic in a very dire manner. He is responsible for giving hundreds of thousands of dollars to the Wuhan Institute of Virology. Why should anyone want to listen to someone who is this closely involved with the Chinese?

That’s a good question but for right now, it is time to take Dr. Fauci to task. The lab leak theory was deemed to be non serious by he and his minions, who are now doing everything in their power to backpedal. If scientists like Dr. Fauci had been quicker to tell the truth about what was taking place in China, a serious investigation could have taken place a lot sooner.

There is no hope of that now. You would think that we would be getting a little more modesty from the doctor at this point but he’s not the modest type. Instead, we are getting more and more outlandish statements that do not make any logical sense. He visited MSNBC and fired off quite the insane bit of psycho babble recently. The Daily Caller was able to capture the moment and share it to Twitter.

“A lot of what your seeing as attacks on me quite frankly are attacks on science because all of the things I have spoken about from the very beginning have been fundamentally based on science,” he said. This is how deluded that the man has become. This is the part where he needs to explain what he has learned from a scientific aspect that makes the lab leak more credible.

If any American who expresses a natural level of skepticism is “attacking science”, Dr. Fauci should probably divorce himself from the narrative now and save himself a lot of embarrassment. News flash, doc. This is no longer about you. Americans simply want their lives back and they are willing to follow their own common sense at this point. The days of everyone sitting around waiting to hear the latest words from Lord Fauci are over. People have legitimate reason to “attack” you and it is time to start taking more of a background role.