As Police Are Pushed to the Edge, Veteran Officer Pens Powerful Op-Ed

Police officers are being pushed out of the cities they have sworn to serve and protect. Well, guess what? Many are willing to leave their positions because they don’t want to deal with today’s problems. They’re tired of doing a thankless job and being hated because they’re following the laws.

Major Travis Yates, a 27-year veteran of the Tulsa Police Department wrote an op-ed about walking away. Many law officers around the country have the same overall feeling – walking away from the job in body and spirit.

He breaks it down to explain his decision. The country has changed. It’s not that law enforcement has changed. The mentally ill don’t get the treatment that they need – and yet cops are sent to handle the problems. Kids used to show respect toward officers. Now, it’s cool to be disrespectful – and even film it for social media. Parents used to get mad at their kids for breaking the law – and now get mad at the cops for doing their job.

The truth is being twisted. Society is creating controversy to “line their own pockets,” as Yates writes.

Yates talks about a time when there was common respect. Criminals knew that if they got caught, cops had a job to do. Now, criminals don’t want to take blame for what they did. Rather than accept their own poor personal decisions, they want to blame the officers in blue for why they’re in handcuffs.

He also discusses how things have changed in the courtroom. “We used to be able to testify in court and we were believed. Now, unless there is video from three different angles, no one cares what you have to say.”

America is disintegrating around us, and the police are being blamed for it. Progressive liberalism has had a field day on our political structure, and we have nothing positive to show for it. The liberals have created a world of snowflakes where no one can be blamed. No one should have to feel offended, and the sense of entitlement is at incomprehensible new heights.

Police officers are the only ones expected to fill the roles of countless others in a community – social workers, teachers, therapists, parents, and even lawmakers. Becoming law enforcement in today’s day and age has to be done without the “force” because, suddenly, people aren’t allowed to deal with the good side fighting back.

With the death of George Floyd at the knee of a cop and the riots, it has been the icing on the cake for both sides. Many feel that cops have been allowed to get away with even more corruption. However, cops are dealing with being blamed for something that, yet again, they didn’t do. Most of the cops being violently attacked in the streets aren’t in Minnesota. They never met the cop who was responsible for George Floyd’s death. The only thing they’ve ever done wrong is wearing a blue uniform – and that’s not a crime.

Black lives matter. Yep, they sure do. But guess what? Blue lives matter, too.

In a single day, Yates’ article reached over one million views. Why? It’s because the average American appreciates the work that police officers do. We need to stop and say, “thank you” periodically to remind them that their help is appreciated, despite what the protesters and rioters have to say.

The problem has been allowed to get out of control. Until the rioters stop, good police officers are going to walk off the job. They’re not going to risk their lives for us anymore because we’re not treating them with decency and respect.

The protesters and rioters think that they’re speaking for America in their cries for getting rid of the police. We want the police. We just need to convince the good police officers to stick around a little while longer while Americans get their act together.