Asylum Seekers Are Getting Fickle, But Why?

Thousands of people each year try to enter the United States through various channels. Some try to enter legally while others try to enter illegally. The pathways into the country have become backlogged with people to the point that they are ready to crumble. President Trump has devised a system that all asylum seekers must go through to have legal entrance into the country.

They must first seek it in the first country that they come to. If they arrive at the United States border, they must choose where to wait until they can have an asylum hearing to present their case. Many of the immigrants are choosing to return to their own country rather than spending time in Guatemala or Mexico to wait for their day in court.

This fickle-minded action proves that the people coming to American and crying asylum are faking their circumstances. If their country is so bad, and they are fleeing that environment, then why would they want to return to that way of life and horrible conditions. The truth is that they are faking their circumstances hoping to be let in the country. Many of the asylum seekers do not want to be sent to Guatemala.

President Trump has brokered a deal with several Central American countries to houses immigrants until they can appear in court. At first, the president requested that Mexico help and after a few days of posturing they agreed to the terms. Next, the president needed the assistance of more southern nations because Mexico was going to become overrun by people south of them. The nasty Democrats fought against the idea, but it went through and has been working ever since.

The funny part about the whole plan is that most of the immigrants are wanting to return to their own countries. The new way of making people responsible proves that the issues they people were claiming were false. The loopholes in the country have been closed so now people are thinking twice about making the long trip to America. The agreement that the United States has with Guatemala makes migrants apply for asylum in that country first. This keeps all the people coming from the south from ever reaching America’s southern border.

There is a lot at stake for these pesky people. They leave their homes hoping to start over in a new place only to find that it is not as easy as they have been led to believe. Some people paid a ton of money to smugglers hoping that they can cross without being detected. But the southern border agents are great at what they do. They know all the tricks and know what to watch for when inspecting vehicles and cargo.

The numbers are showing signs that people just do not want to deal with the process that the president has put in place for asylum seekers. Migrants are not wanting to risk relocating to a place that is not the United States.

Whatever they have been told at home is not what they are finding when they show up. Many of the people that are being told to wait in Guatemala are adults from Honduras and El Salvador. Some of these people are known criminals in their homeland and want a life of crime in the United States. When they are told to wait, they simply request to be returned home.

The program has limits. As of now children and migrants with travel documents are being held in the United States. Chad Wolf who is the acting U.S. Homeland Security Secretary has warned migrants “For those in the region who may be weighing the option of taking the dangerous journey north, I’d strongly urge you against it. Simply requesting asylum at the Southwest border no longer guarantees release into the interior like it once did. We have ended the catch and release.”

This stern warning applies to all that would invade America seeking what they can steal and consume without actually being a part of the country.