Atlanta Police Leaving the Force in Droves Amidst Biden’s Anti-Police Push

Over the past few years, we have gotten used to hearing stories about police officers retiring in droves. These officers know that their services are no longer wanted, especially in the liberal cities where the ‘defund the police’ movement has gotten very popular. In some cases, the officers did not even have a choice.

Cities all over the United States have bent to the will of the Black Lives Matter protesters, slashing their police budget and forcing officers to resign. Revenue losses also took place due to the pandemic, which caused some cities to cut budgets even when they did not want to.

No officer wants to serve under a liberal leader that does not appreciate them, which is perfectly understandable. This brings us to the city of Atlanta, Georgia. Officers are taking off and they are letting these elected officials know exactly how they feel on their way out. According to the following report from Yahoo News, Atlanta is not the only city that has seen this sort of exodus take place:

“Like Atlanta, police morale across the country has dropped while retirements and resignations have hit all-time highs. A June survey of nearly 200 departments by the Police Executive Research Forum, a nonprofit Washington-based think tank, showed a 45% increase in the retirement rates and an 18% increase in resignations across the board in 2020-2021 compared to the previous year.

“We are in uncharted territory right now,” PERF’s Executive Director Chuck Wexler said. “Policing is being challenged in ways I haven’t seen, ever.”

Not only do police departments face challenges retaining officers, but they have also had a hard time pulling in new recruits.”

Atlanta Police Lt. Mark Cooper has decided to step away from the force, four years before he was set to retire. The resignation letter that he wrote sums up the feelings of a number of officers at the moment. Cooper used to be proud to tell people that he was a member of the Atlanta police force but he has seen a major shift in how he is treated by city officials.

They are looking to throw him and his fellow officers “under the bus”, which does not sit well with anyone. Officer Thomas A. Crowder is another member of the police force who believes that his services are no longer needed anymore. In his mind, there is no reason for anyone who has less than 20 years of experience on the force to bother sticking around. That’s a bleak assessment but we fully understand why he feels that way.

According to him, he and his fellow officers are subjected to awful treatment. He says that you have no idea what it is like when you have “NO backing from your command staff. It is crazy that they could ask you to stay at work or even leave the precinct knowing that they are not going to have your back and is willing to fire you as soon as a citizen complains.”

These developments have caused residents of a ritzy Atlanta suburb called Buckhead to come up with their own unique plan. They want to split off from the rest of the city and formulate their own. Bill White, the CEO of the Buckhead City Committee, is a major proponent of this plan. He is tired of seeing police officers who are too afraid to do their jobs and wants to establish a city where crime is kept under control.

We saw this coming from the very beginning but no one wanted to listen at all. Officers are not going to continue to protect and serve when they are being told that they are agents of white supremacy and responsible for all of the ills of society. No one is willing to have a nuanced conversation about these things, as is the case in America in most instances. It won’t be long before cities are looking to elect new leaders with a no-nonsense mentality on crime.