Aurora Sides with Protesters and Its Police Force is Done

City councils that continued to lean further and further to the left are being faced with the harsh reality. When they side with the protesters, they start to lose their police force. This is particularly the case in Aurora, Colorado.

Dave Cerinich, an Aurora Police Department Lieutenant, has decided to retire early rather than deal with the insanity that is sweeping across the city, the state, and the rest of the country. His resignation letter tore into the city council, blaming the 10-member board for siding with the protesters instead of backing the cops.

Cerinich spent 25 years in law enforcement, with 20 of those years in Aurora. In his letter, he says, “I can honestly say that my retirement is a result of you.” He also identifies how he is disheartened for the lack of respect that they hold for those within law enforcement.
He’s not the only one who is fed up with the city council’s antics, either. It’s hard to commit your life to serving and protecting only for the city to all but spit in your face. Actually, that’s happening, too. No one within the department feels appreciated anymore. Cerinich explains how protests are happening every week with citizens spitting on them and calling them names.

This is when the city council should be stepping in and helping to put an end to the protests. Instead, they are feeding into the liberal hysteria. They have decided that they will dictate what the cops do, and the lieutenant has said that he is no longer able to protect his troops. If he can’t protect his troops, there’s no need to continue working with the Police Department.

It would be easy for Cerinich to blame the entire city council and the city manager. While he does, he also chooses to single out councilmember Angela Lawson. He explains how he was disappointed in her because of the many times she did ride-alongs with him.
They discussed race and racial profiling. He would ask her to identify the drivers and passengers in a vehicle as they passed. She said she wasn’t able to identify them. That was the point he used to explain how traffic stops are based on violations of traffic code or criminal statutes as opposed to race.

Lawson wasn’t too happy with being singled out. She told a local station of Fox how data shows the existence of racial disparities. She believes that there were personal attacks on her because of being the “only black woman on council.”

This is exactly the lieutenant’s point, however. She turns it into a racial issue when it isn’t. He proved to her that racial profiling doesn’t exist because it’s impossible to know the race of the person before they are pulled over. The reality is that the racial disparities are there because of the crimes being committed, not because of racist police officers.
Councilmember Lawson decided to take the low road in addressing Lieut. Cerinich’s retirement by saying, “maybe instead of attacking me, Lt. Cerinich should focus on some inward introspection on how he could have been a better officer.” There is no need to point out that she is a liberal Democrat.

She and the rest of the city council have decided that it would be better to side with the protesters. It would not be a shock to anyone on the police force in Aurora or the neighboring towns to find that they are the next one to reach the level of violence as Seattle or Portland has hit. The simple reason is that the Democrats in charge have no desire to put a stop to things. Instead, they want to berate the police and, then, expect the police to protect them.
Meanwhile, Cerinich warns that 99% of the department is ready to quit. If the Council continues to abuse the officers and ignore the problems, there won’t be help when it is needed the most.