Australia Takes a Stand Against Racism! Australia Bans Racists Critical Race Theory From All Classrooms

The Australian Senate has taken a very important step towards keeping their classrooms free of all Marxist rhetoric. Critical race theory is now banned from all classrooms in Australia, in a major way for this country. Sadly, the bill passed by a very narrow vote of 30-28.

Can you believe that 28 senators were more than willing to continue this nonsense? Liberal thinking is going to ruin us all and they want to get started on the kids from a young age. The Daily Telegraph has more about this monumental ruling:

“The Senate voted Monday night to call on the federal government to keep contentious “critical race theory” doctrines out of the national curriculum.

By a vote of 30-28, the Senate supported a notice of motion put forward by One Nation leader Pauline Hanson calling “on the federal government to reject critical race theory from the national curriculum.”

Critical race theory is a contentious set of doctrines with roots in academia that believes societies like Australia are built on structural racism and that people can be divided into categories of “oppressor” or “oppressed” based on their race, gender, or ethnicity.

A proposed revised version of the Australian Curriculum came under fire earlier this year when critics claimed that it was introducing critical race theory concepts into the classroom and downgrading Australia’s British and Judeo-Christian heritage.”

This is a crucial stand to take for countries all over the world. Those who are not willing to do so are going to allow their schools to be bulldozed by liberal thinkers who could not care less about the consequences. These are people who jump from crazy idea to crazy idea with very little rhyme or reason.

Now, we anxiously await what happens in the United States. There are so many people here who are pushing the narrative that our children need to be taught more about critical race theory. The reality in our country is a simple one and we are slowly realizing how bad it has gotten.

Mainstream media types are not going to provide any sort of opposition because they are following their new marching orders. Let’s be perfectly honest here, even the GOP is not nearly as opposed as they should be, minus the exception of a few states like Texas and Florida that have had the courage. Other than that, it is very slim pickings at the moment.

We do not anticipate things getting any better, either. Until mainstream organizations and pundits on both sides are regularly willing to condemn critical race theory being taught in schools, we are still at risk. Why should kids be taught that they are inherently evil or that they are inherently victims? These are not mentalities that are healthy for any child to absorb and no one should be willing to let their kids deal with it, if they can possibly help it.

This should all go without saying. The scary part is that it does not. Unless someone explicitly comes out and fights against this wave of progressive thinking, no one else is ready to do so. Things are only going to snowball from here if no one is going to stand up.

That’s what makes this ruling such an interesting one. Australia is not a country that is typically associated with these types of conversations and we wonder if other nations are going to follow suit. If they are not willing to do that, various other countries may start to force this education onto their students.

If we are lucky, America can avoid this fate. The progressive states are going to try to enact these policies because they do not know any better. Let the white liberals try to pander to their social media timelines by pretending that they care about these teachings. The rest of us are going to be trying our best to keep our children safe from all this wannabe intellectual claptrap.