Barbie: The Woke Toy of 2020

Every liberal parent can rejoice as they review the possible gifts they can give their children this holiday season. The best way to make sure that boys and girls are “woke” is to introduce them to a new and improved Barbie.

Mattel has always likened Barbie to be a woman who changes with the times. However, she’s always been very dependent on Ken and her friends. She has, as a character, very rarely relied on herself. That’s changing as Barbie becomes friends with a black girl named Nikki.

On the Barbie YouTube channel, there’s an animated discussion where Barbie and Nikki begin talking about racism in America. Barbie explains that there’s a “huge movement” going on. So, it appears that Barbie is now in support of Black Lives Matter.

Oh, and Nikki, the black doll, even talks about how she’s experienced racism…as a toy. These are the toys that liberal parents are going to be buying their children to ensure that they are “woke.” The problem is that they’re only spreading racism.

Children are naturally not racist. They play with other children regardless of skin color. Using Barbie to talk about systemic racism in the country is hardly a beneficial tool. It is political when there shouldn’t be any kind of politics. Allow kids to play with toys and fuel their imagination without having to worry about whether it is “woke” enough for their liberal parents.

The dialogue shared between Barbie and Nikki on the YouTube channel is just appalling. According to Nikki, she and Barbie had a sticker-selling contest on the beach. The problem was that Nikki got stopped by beach security three times because they thought she was “doing something bad.” This is more than a bit subtle at saying that she was stopped because of her skin color – and it does nothing to help with racism.

If anything, this dialogue is only boosting systemic racism throughout the country. Every little girl who has a darker skin complexion will grow up thinking that she’s going to get stopped by the police and security throughout her life because of her skin color. Rather than teaching kids that anyone can be anything or that the only way to stay out of trouble is by not breaking the law, Barbie has decided that it’s best to make it an issue of skin color.
It appears that Nikki has had to “prove and reprove” herself, even if she aces a French test in school. As if that’s not all bad enough, Barbie says the most racist thing possible, “they don’t make those assumptions about White people like me.” Barbie goes on to explain that white people get an advantage that wasn’t earned.

This is not the kind of woke message that should be shared in 2020. Universal statements like what Barbie has just made would get a lot of kids in trouble. Not all white people find that they live a life full of advantages. Similarly, not all black people suffer from a disadvantage.

Barbie used to tell girls that they could be anything – teachers, astronauts, and more. However, their sales have been dropping in recent years as more kids ask for technology-driven toys. Mattel knew they had to do something, so they decided to play to what the liberals want to hear.

Maybe Barbie and Nikki live in a world of racism where people make wrong assumptions just because of skin color, but it’s hardly what happens in the United States.
One or two instances of racism don’t mean that everyone is racist. This is the reality – and this is what needs to be taught. Instead, the Barbie YouTube channel has only made the situation worse. They’ve proven that Barbie is a bleeding-heart liberal who is the epitome of white privilege. It’s a good thing that she has a black friend so she can prove how woke she is.

Meanwhile, GOP households around the country will now be explaining why Barbie toys are going in the trash.