Because We Let It Happen! Dems Are Now Calling for Climate Change Lockdowns – We Warned You!

The Daily Caller has posted this theory and while some may be willing to dismiss it out of hand, we are here to tell you that this is a dangerous approach. This all started because of the sizable number of lockdowns that took place last year, due to the COVID-19 pandemic. The negative impacts of these policies were also being noted during these discussions.

The lockdowns seemed to have hurt more than they actually helped. Schools remained closed for an entire year and this had a serious impact on the development of little ones. Their social development skills took a major hit during the past year or so. Drug usage and suicides also had dramatic spikes.

The damage that was done to the economy is hard to quantify at this point but it is going to have to be unpacked as soon as possible. The people who are angling for further lockdowns right now do not realize that they are flirting with disaster. These are all things that we knew already but now? The far left has come up with a whole new angle to beat it into the ground.

You see, the Democrats have realized that all of our decreased activity is appealing to scientists and climate researchers. Carbon emissions dropped significantly, as less and less people were out on the roads, driving to and from work each day. The Daily Caller is now taking the time to raise a point that should trouble many.

Since the government was able to institute lockdowns so quickly during a moment of duress, there are many who are worried that they would do the same if climate change began to cause real issues. Since many liberals have already claimed that we are in the midst of another emergency, how long before the government takes them up on this insanity? The Daily Caller has more:

“Under a potential climate lockdown, governments and public health bodies could exercise similar authority to enforce sweeping changes to environmental and energy policy. This could entail extreme energy-saving measures such as limits on private-vehicle use, consumption of animal products and fossil fuel drilling.

A study published in Nature Climate Change in March found that carbon emissions fell by around 2.6 billion metric tons in 2020. Researchers concluded a pandemic-scale lockdown once every two years would lead to an equivalent decline in emissions over the long term.

“If climate activists were allowed, they would take us from COVID lockdowns straight into climate lockdowns,” said founder Steve Milloy. “Now that they’ve seen arbitrary lockdowns successfully imposed under the guise of a “public health emergency,” they can’t wait for federal, state and local declarations of a climate emergency to achieve the same sort of dominance over us.”

This does not sound crazy to us. The government is never going to pass up a chance to exert their dominance. Joe Biden loves to make use of his executive orders and it won’t be long before he’s devising ways to send everyone inside. Pipeline projects are being shut down and Biden is extending his tentacles in every direction possible.

The possibilities are endless for the liberals now. They can lean on the government as hard as they need to and act like lockdowns are for the greater good. We could easily see some sort of ban when it comes to nonessential travel. The liberal wish lists are only going to get more and more ridiculous.

Yes, there would be a major uproar from the right-wing but the liberals won’t care. They do not mind as long as they are getting their way. In fact, we are not going to be surprised when “emergency” starts to get tossed around a lot more casually. We know that it is not going to happen tomorrow but we are more than sure that Biden and company are giving it a lot of thought.