Bernie ‘s ‘Anybody but Trump’ Plan Won’t Work with Harris

Kamala Harris, as the recent pick for Joe Biden’s running mate, was rated as the single most liberal senator in all of Congress in 2019. Now, you would think this be an encouragement to her runner up and longtime democratic socialist Bernie Sanders, as well as his fans. However, it seems the far-leftist has little concern for her or her politics.

Instead, he seems only interested in the quick and effective defeat of President Donald Trump in November, which, as Sanders says, Harris can help ensure.

While appearing on ABC’s ‘This Week” with George Stephanopoulos, Bernie said good things about Harris. But, you’ll note, they are only in regards to her getting Trump out of office.

He said, “Well, I believe that Kamala is somebody who is – known for a number of years – incredibly smart, incredibly tough. And I would not like to be Vice President Pence in a debate with here. I think she’s an asset for the Biden campaign, and I think she’s going to do great on the campaign trail.”

Then again, this isn’t so much of a compliment when you consider the Biden campaign. At this point, with all the blunders and word fumbles, anyone would be an “asset” to the campaign, as it is moving the dementia-prone assumed nominee out of the public eye even more and putting someone who can at least complete, comprehensible sentences there instead.

And this thought is only confirmed by Sanders when he is asked about Stephanopoulos to go more into detail about what Harris will bring to the Democratic ticket.

Stephanopoulos notes that Harris’ record as first a district attorney for San Francisco and then an attorney general for the state of California a mere three years ago seems to be anything but progressive. Given her ‘tough on crime’ stance of the past, how was this likely to go over with those of the far left, including Bernie fans.

But instead of answering the question with comments about how well Harris will do, or how she complements Biden, Sanders turned the entire thing into an attack on Trump.

He said, “Well, I would say that the overwhelming majority of progressives understand that it is absolutely imperative that Donald Trump be defeated, that we have a president who is trying to undermine American democracy, a president who has turned his back on the working families of this country, a president who had done a terrible job in terms of the pandemic, does not believe in science, is not dealing with the existential threat of climate change.”

To sum this up: it matters not what Harris can bring or even who she is. all that matters is that she can help Biden defeat Trump. And as they are the Democrats only hope to do so, progressives are going to have come together in support of the pair no matter what they may or may not agree with.

Sanders continued, speaking about how many of his followers were not a fan of either Biden or Harris, but that the reasoning for that was mainly because Biden used to be Sanders’ competition. “But I think there is overwhelming understanding that Donald Trump must be defeated, Biden must be elected, and that the day after he is elected we’re going to do everything we can to create a government that works for all of us and not just the one percent and wealthy campaign contributors.”

However, while some Bernie fans might agree with the ‘anybody but Trump’ rhetoric, others cite that the Biden-Harris ticket isn’t much of an improvement over our current leadership.

Take the words of Branko Marcetic over at ‘Jacobin’ magazine, for example.

He said, “Even in a party that embraced Biden – and Clinton-style tough-on-crime policies – Harris stands out for her cruelty: she fought to keep innocent people in jail, blocked payouts to the wrongfully convicted, argued for keeling non-violent offenders in jail as a source of cheap labor, withheld evidence that could have freed numerous prisoners, tried to dismiss a suit to end solitary confinement in California and denied gender reassignment surgery to trans inmates.”

So basically, she has done everything the far left is fighting to end.