Biden Admin Distances Itself From the Disaster on the Border “That’s DHS’ Problem”

Remember when Jen Psaki decided to do one of her spin jobs about Rochelle Walenksy’s comments? When she said that teachers didn’t need to be vaccinated before returning to class, she was not actually speaking in her official CDC capacity. That’s the story that Psaki was feeding everyone and it is a pretty funny one.

If Psaki is tested or asked any tough questions, she tends to go on the defensive. It turns into a “well, that’s on them, not us” type of thing” quickly. If Walensky is the one who wants to say that classes are safe without mass vaccinations, that’s her call, not the White House’s. It’s a clever way to avoid responsibility or having a real opinion of your own.

Now, they are using this logic to blame the DHS for the current crisis that is taking place at the border. This is particularly rich because the DHS and the White House are always going to be intertwined. The DHS program is theirs! How can they possibly act like they have nothing to do with what is going on at the moment?

Apparently, Biden has different data on his hands than the Homeland Security department. It’s a ridiculous thing to say but that’s the exact implication. One thing is for sure: that would be an amazing twist on how the White House typically chooses to operate in these instances.

The following exchange (as shared by the official C-SPAN account) is a laugh riot:

Press Sec: “Those numbers are tracked by the Department of Homeland Security. I’m just suggesting that you talk to them…”

Q: “We talked to them, Jen. They won’t confirm the numbers.”

Psaki: “I would encourage you to go back to them & ask them again…It’s not our program.”

The best part of all? She’s gotten very shy all of a sudden when it comes to talking about the border crisis. The number of minors who are arriving at the border, with or without parents, is getting very hard to ignore. The projections that are taking place right now are also grim. As the weather continues to heat up, more and more immigrant children are expected to arrive.

The Biden team is already running out of shelter space, too. Military bases and hotels are going to be needed to provide these children with a decent place to sleep. They are desperate at the moment. Things are going to get far worse before they have a chance to get better.

While the border crisis has been described as a challenge by some, how much of a challenge can it be if Biden does not want to admit that it exists? It’s not really if you are the one who is responsible for creating it. He wanted to pander to the progressives and this is the rotten mess that he has made as a result.

ICE has even been given specific instructions not to make arrests of illegals, unless they are in the process of posing a specific threat to the surrounding community. The Washington Post has more about these guidelines. It is easy to see why they are causing so much trouble at the moment.

“The Biden administration has issued temporary guidelines to ICE officers narrowing their enforcement priorities to focus on national security threats, recent border crossers and criminals with aggravated felony convictions who pose a threat to public safety. Officers must seek permission from senior supervisors in writing before attempting to arrest fugitives who do not fit those categories, a change that Biden officials say will make better use of the agency’s resources….” reads the WaPo report.

DHS is also desperate for any staffing assistance that they can get at the moment. Biden is currently caught between a rock and a hard place. There are border hawks who are urging him to get the situation under control and progressives who are quite pleased with the status quo. Hopefully, the GOP is able to reign this insane administration in.