Biden Admits He Will Abandon Americans in Ukraine

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Joe Biden has done his best to ditch out on American citizens and leave them to rot. The way he pulled out of Afghanistan was just a picture of how he felt about the United States. He could have cared less about the men and women he left behind to face the Taliban. And when the people begged for help from the president, all he could do was turn his back on them and ignore their pleas for help.

That single event gave a picture of how the old man would deal with international crises worldwide. And now that some time has passed, the nation of Russia is pressing the issue and signaling that they are going to invade Ukraine.

The problem is that Joe Biden has indicated that he plans on not doing a thing to make sure the Russians stay out. He has stated to Americans in the country that they better get out. They need to leave before things get bad and Russia invades.

Biden stated that “American citizens should leave now. We’re dealing with one of the largest armies in the world. It’s a very different situation, and things could go crazy quickly.” The sad part is that Biden is not dealing with the problem. He tries to avoid it by demanding all United States citizens flee the country.

Russia has staged nearly 130,000 troops on the border. Their resolve is to test the United States to see what Biden will do. They know from his failures in Afghanistan that it will not be much of a response. One of the most powerful nations in the world is about to stomp on a neighbor, and all Biden can do is sit back and watch.

America is the only force that can push back Russia and keep them from invading. But Biden does not want to do the work to keep them from killing innocent people. And the sad part is that the president has already stated that no United States troops will be sent to Ukraine to get people out.

Biden lives in his little world. He believes that he can do whatever he wants and not face the consequences of his actions. In war, a country is bound by ethics to protect its people. Biden set to ditch Americans in Ukraine is to turn his back on them and hand them over to the enemy.

The Russian military is set to invade for a quick victory. The United Nations has sent a clear response, but they are not as a formidable force to deal with a nation the size of Russia. They lack the organization and single-mindedness needed to get the job done. The United States is the only force on the planet that scares the Russians enough to give up on its invasion plans.

Russia states that their aggression is because NATO continues to expand out of control. They do not want the organization to become a powerhouse where one man rules a world, and all nations must submit.

The German Chancellor Olaf Scholz stated that “Russia should not underestimate our unity and determination as a partner in the EU and as an ally in NATO.” But none of these nations are big enough to fight an enemy the size of Russia. And there is no doubt that the Chinese will help Russia in a time of need.

War is never a pretty stage when it breaks out. People are killed, and regions are left in ruins. And it all comes down to a few leaders who are unwilling to talk to each other and make peace.

In Biden’s case, he wants to run back to his basement and pretend that the world does not exist.

Joe Biden is a man of words and no action. None of the United States’ allies will take him seriously or even expect him to live up to any plans that they come up with. They do not trust that he will not turn and run when war breaks out.