Biden and Vote Vets Were Quick to Condemn Trump with False Allegations Concerning Cuts to Military Healthcare…Here’s the Truth

Purposely misleading articles fabricated by liberal newscasters spread like wildfire over the pages of social media platforms. Left-wing radical thinking snowflakes are quick to hop on the rumors and propaganda train because it’s what they want to believe, in lieu of facing actual facts.

Feeble-minded presidential candidate, Joe Biden, recently slammed Donald Trump and Secretary of Defense Mark Esper in a social media post that lit one such wildfire under the tail ends of every anti-Trump bumble-head in the nation.

Here is Biden’s unfounded accusation. “it’s a president’s job to protect the health and safety of our troops and their families. Gutting the military health care system—no less during a global pandemic—is unacceptable.”

Vote Vets, an online group that claims to represent every single living veteran, regardless of their political stance, was quick to pounce on Biden’s post by issuing its own baseless post.

“When will people realize the Trump administration does NOT care about our military service members?! We’re in the midst of a pandemic and they want to cut healthcare?!”

And so began an avalanche of negative comments from pissed-off gullible Democrats who are guilty of buying into anything so long as it demeans our President.

Rumors and propaganda are dangerous. They divert from the truth. Well. We’re here to set the record straight on this matter once and for all. Here’s the actual skinny.

A proposal by the Pentagon to slash the military’s healthcare budget by an outrageous $2.2-billion “has been firmly and totally rejected by me,” Trump posted on his Twitter account.

The President went on to add, “We will do nothing to hurt our great Military professionals & heroes as long as I am your President. Thank you!” But of course, his tweet went overlooked by the naysayers who chose not to acknowledge his words of confirmation.

Feeling the importance of his need to chime in, Esper issued his own statement by saying he has not “directed nor approved any cuts to our military healthcare system in our future budgets. Furthermore, I will not allow any reductions that would harm access to quality medical care for our service members, their families, and our larger DoD community.” Boom!

A Pentagon spokesperson, Jonathan Hoffman, elaborated by saying that Chief Management Officer, Lisa Hershman, is indeed conducting a study to identify a possible $5-billion cut from parts of the department that do not involve military-related services. Hoffman said any funds they determine to be unnecessary will be reallocated to “military modernization.”

Hoffman noted how Esper has not even been briefed on the issue or even seen any of the recommendations being made. But perhaps his most damning statement was him boldly saying, “Many changes to the military healthcare system are being driven by Congress, which directed them in law in recent NDAAs.”

“The bottom line is that health care for our service members, their families, and retirees is not at risk and efforts by two anonymous sources to create a panic is misleading.”

According to senior defense officials, a total of $5.7-billion was actually identified as being wasteful, and they are in the process of diverting those funds to the military, rather than decreasing their budget.

The military health system currently serves 9.4 million active-duty personnel, their families, military retirees, and qualified veterans.

The Pentagon stated how many of the cuts came from ending missions and were being directed to more important priorities which include extensive research into hypersonic weapons, artificial intelligence, and space.

But of course, Joe Biden and Vote Vets did not bother to check facts and details prior to wrongfully condemning President Trump and Esper. But who would have expected anything less? Certainly not us. How about you?