Biden Imports Oil From Iran for the First Time Since 1991, Giving Iran’s Mullahs Billions to Expand Terror in the Middle East

The United States is importing oil from Iran for the first time in 30 years. This is significant for a number of reasons. We’ll start by allowing The Financial Post to offer some more background on the transaction:

“The United States imported a rare cargo of 1.033 million barrels of Iranian crude in March despite sanctions on Iran’s energy sector, data from the U.S. Energy Information Administration showed.

The cargo is only the second oil import by the United States from Iran since late 1991, data on EIA’s website showed.”

This is Biden’s latest instance of undoing some Trump-era sanctions for the mere sake of doing so. The Iranian regime’s repeated brutality and terrorist threats needed to be checked and Trump was the perfect man for the job. Sadly, the emphasis is now on the word ‘was’. MSN examined these sanctions and their importance in the moment:

“The Trump administration on Thursday announced sweeping new sanctions on Iran’s financial sector, targeting at least 18 banks in a move that critics say will hamper humanitarian assistance during the pandemic.

The fresh round of sanctions is part of the administration’s “maximum pressure campaign” that aims to push the Islamic republic toward negotiations over its nuclear program and prevent the country from financing military actions throughout the Middle East.”

The former president was more than willing to stand with the good people of Iran, creating a campaign that was designed to put a stop to the serious issues that they were experiencing. Biden, on the other hand? He is siding with the terrorists of Iran.

The mainstream media is even inventing excuses for the terrorists’ actions because that’s what happens once you are in the good graces of Joe Biden. He will find a way to make sure that you are never held accountable for anything that you have done. Just ask good old Hunter Biden, he skates on everything!

Iran now knows that they can do whatever they want again. Obama is back on their side, in the form of Joe Biden. Now, they can continue their nonstop terrorism. The rest of the world is going to suffer mightily now because Joe Biden is more worried about palling around with Iran than doing what is right.

Biden’s not the type to care about putting America first. He puts all of our foreign adversaries are the head of the list and the rest flows from there. The current president needs to be impeached for this but they did not do a darn thing when Obama was handing off pallets of cash. What would possibly change now?

This is just more of the same. Trump may have won the election but Biden is the president that was chosen by all of the foreign leaders who got tired of Trump actually holding them accountable. They missed the Obama days and they wanted their favorite doormat back. Now that he’s here, they are wasting no time building up their nuclear arsenal once again.

Joe needs to be explaining why is he is back in bed with Iran and he needs to be explaining on the biggest stage possible. Trump was a president who wanted to help the economy reach its peak, without resorting to cheap tactics like this one. Iran is not a country that we should be striking up a closer relationship with but Biden is definitely a student of the Obama mentality. He’s here to kiss up first and ask questions later.

America needs to be energy independent and this what Biden told us would happen when he became president. Of course, this was a lie and we are now learning this the hard way. Biden does not want anything good to come our way, his primary concern is lining his own pockets. Iran is now going to be able to pull off any plan that they want, especially any plans that involve the usage of nuclear weaponry.