Biden Jokes About Murdering Press Proves the Liberal Media Slant

It’s important for politicians to have a sense of humor. It shows they’re human. It shows that they don’t take themselves too seriously.

However, there’s a fine line between joking and making threats.

If the media were truly the unbiased parties that they claim to be, how they treat a Republican versus a Democrat would be the same.

How Trump joked and how Biden joked have been interpreted very differently.

As the country goes up in flames, Biden decided that it would be a fine time to speed around a test track in a new electric F-150 Lightning.  This was all part of a factory tour and a chance to focus on keeping jobs in America.

Biden quipped that the truck was so fast that he wondered if he could lose the Secret Service.

One reporter wanted to take an opportunity to ask an important question. He approached the president and asked if he could talk about Israel for a moment.

That’s when Biden decided to let his sense of humor shine. “No, you can’t. Not unless you get in front of the car as I step on it.” He quickly added that he was teasing.

Wow, so teasing about murdering a member of the press is funny? This is acceptable within the Biden administration?

Of course, it is. Why?

Because the liberal media is enamored by Biden. They love how easily they can manipulate him. So, if he accidentally threatens to murder a member of the press, they turn it into a joke.

Do you think that the press would have been so easily amused if Trump had said such a thing? Absolutely not. The media would have lambasted him to the point that he wouldn’t have ever been able to make a joke ever again.

Someone in Congress would have ended up asking for Trump to be impeached for such a joke.

And although the reporter apparently put his life at risk to ask a question of the president, there’s a point that needs to be made.

Why is the president joyriding around a test track in Michigan instead of dealing with the bigger problems of the country?

Clearly, Biden is capable of flying to anywhere he wants. Yet, he won’t fly to the border because that’s Kamala’s job.

Reporters have a lot of questions for Biden, yet he won’t hold a press conference where he can talk about his plans for Israel and Hamas.

It’s great that he can joke about running someone over, but no one’s really laughing. The reporter wanted to inform readers about what the U.S. is going to do about the growing violence in Israel and Palestine. And instead, he got a poorly delivered joke at the expense of his life.

The liberal media’s slant has been obvious for a while. However, it was highlighted more thoroughly when Biden made his joke from the driver’s seat of an F-150.

This is when the media should be getting mad instead of continuously offering protection.

Biden’s mentally ill. You don’t make jokes about asking someone to stand in front of a car as you step on it. Even though Trump enjoyed taking some jabs at the press, he knew not to cross a certain line. Yet, Biden doesn’t even see a line. He doesn’t remember that a line ever existed.

The media has to start calling Biden and the rest of the administration out on what they’re doing. More importantly, they have to call them out on what they’re not doing – and that’s quite a bit.

Maybe if Biden focused more on his role of being president and less on being liked by everyone, we could actually get somewhere.

Meanwhile, we still know nothing about Israel because Biden doesn’t have answers. And it’s highly unlikely that Jen Psaki will answer anything. Maybe she, too, will threaten violence to some of the media in one of the next press conferences. Then we can all laugh and clap and fall in love with the Biden administration all over again, right?