Biden Lies About Driving an 18-Wheeler to Gain Sympathy with Average American

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Joe Biden is desperate to be liked. And when he’s desperate, he lies. One of his latest lies is his grand story about being a truck driver when he was younger. This is obviously his attempt at trying to gain sympathy from the average American.

Biden talks about a time when he used to drive an 18-wheeler. This story is told so that he can connect with some of the truck drivers who are in DC.

But wait…when did he drive a truck? Biden has been in the political spotlight for most of his career. He was a U.S. Senator by the time he was 30. Before that, he served on a County Council, and he was in a private law practice.

There’s absolutely no evidence to show that Biden was ever a truck driver. And let’s keep in mind, that he’s not talking about driving a pick-up. He’s saying that he drove an 18-wheeler, which would have required him to obtain a CDL. How many lawyers or law students are focused on obtaining a CDL?

The entire story is fabricated – yet no one in the White House is going to call him out on it. They’re too busy cleaning up all of the other lies that he tells from the podium of press conferences.

“I used to drive a truck. It’s a long story. Anyway.” This story has been heard in one form or another for years. One time he mentioned he drove an 18-wheeler and another time, he mentioned that it was a tractor-trailer.

His story sounds a lot like the boy who caught a fish. And every time he tells the story, the size of the fish grew by a few inches.

So, basically, we can assume that Biden used to drive a pickup truck. Then, he thought it would make him sound more relatable if the truck were actually a Mack – like the ones behind him during a speech he gave at the White House on Monday.

Fact-checkers have been going crazy to find any evidence of Biden ever driving a truck.

Yet, that doesn’t stop Biden from telling the story. “I’m going to digress for one second – I got a commercial license because my dad used to run an automobile agency, and I used to have to go up to a body shop in Philadelphia from Wilmington, and when they’d order a trailer or a cab, they’d sell the cab.”

Hmmm…all of this sounds very interesting. But again, when did he go to get this driver’s license? While he was going to law school?

Biden once claimed that he had a summer job in law school as a bus driver, too. Again, there’s no evidence of such.

Throughout his story-telling, Biden has held both a Class A and a Class B license. And yet, it’s likely that these are both lies simply so that he can gain some street credit.

It’s hard to imagine that Biden is capable of getting any cred at this point. After all, he’s a feeble-minded 78-year-old who has been in politics for nearly 50 years. Even if he did drive a truck at some point in his life, which was decades ago – and a lot has changed since then.

The lies are starting to add up. People don’t even want to tune into what Biden has to say anymore because they don’t want to hear any more lies.

No one cares about Biden’s stories of “once upon a time.” Instead, people want to know what Biden is going to do right here and now to fix the problems of America. The only problem is that Biden doesn’t have a fix. And so rather than telling people that he can’t fix the problems (the ones that he created), he’ll tell a little story, hoping that people won’t realize that he’s lying right to everyone’s faces.