Biden Misses Texas by Two Weeks as He Tries to Sympathize With Their Pain

One would expect that a caring and compassionate president would have already reached out to the affected states and offered federal help in restarting the electrical grid. But up until recently, the White House has been silent. Joe Biden is ignoring the problems facing the country with a vengeance.

Now that two weeks have gone by, the cold and the bad weather has all but blown out to sea. The temperatures are back above average, and people have their power back on. At this time, the demented president has chosen to take action on a prolonged crisis but has been forgotten.

President Trump would have been on the first plane to Texas to speak with Governor Abbott about the issues and offer help in any available form. But not Biden, he shivered under his rocking chair blanket and did not want to move away from his office heater.

The crazy president finally woke up from his long nap and realized that an emergency situation had hit the country. Trump would have already contacted FEMA, shipped generators to electrical grids, and worked with state officials weeks ago. But Biden is no Trump.

The president decided that this was his chance to go to the state and take pictures of himself acting as he cares about people. The weather has warmed up so much in the area that Biden should be able to wear shorts and not shiver himself off the stage.

The national emergency is turning into a political photo shot for Biden. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez did the same thing when she went to the border and faked her tears over the immigrants being taken care of at the border.

The frail president took to the stage weeks late to make a speech about the cold. The flopped performance showed the forgetful man messing up Shelia Jackson Lee’s name. He ended up calling her “Shirley.” And as the old man bumbles along, he tongues himself into showing his true intentions as he states, “what am I doing here?”

He could not get out the names of people without screwing it all up. A wise president would have written the names down and practiced them before giving a speech.

This is not a case of Biden’s stutter. His tongue ties his words, and he gets caught with his pants down. The truth comes out in the middle of the speech that he did not want to be there. Somewhere along the line of getting the crazy man to speak publicly, someone forgot to pull his strings to make him act quicker for the state of Texas.

When Biden’s videos are watched from five to ten years ago, it is clear that he is different. He is mentally aware of things and has no issue pronouncing names. The only issue had was sniffing women and hitting on little girls.

The old man’s health is rapidly declining. The more his Democratic masters put him out in public, the more people are going to want him removed from office. Nancy Pelosi and Kamala Harris have it all perfectly worked out. Put Biden in the office to make a fool of himself and then pull him out of harm’s way and then graciously step in and take over.

Biden missed a huge opportunity to reach out to a state that voted for Trump. He proved that he favors only his liberal supporters. He failed to act compassionately. Because all he thought about was the political statement that he could make from the speech.

Kamala Harris loves the screw-ups because it makes her look competent even though she lacks the brain that Biden is losing. Those that voted for Biden and Harris have sold their souls to the devil. And their day of reckoning is but upon them.