Biden Policy for Iran Nuclear Deal Could Launch Israel/Iran War


Former Secretary of State Mike Pompeo forecasted possible strikes from Israel on Iran due to U.S. “appeasement”. While making an appearance at the Jerusalem Post Conference, he was asked about Israel needing to attack Iran because of Biden’s policies and rejoining the Iran Nuclear Deal, among many other issues in the region.

While participating in a Q&A segment with Post Editor-in-chief Yaakov Katz, Pompeo had this to say: “The risk of appeasement is you embolden your adversaries that ultimately they put nations in the place where they’re stuck with only one tool – a military tool. This is not in the best interests of anyone…I pray that we do not force Israel into a really difficult decision one day, but I pray even more than that — I pray that if it is the case that something like that has to happen, if the world must deny the Iranians a nuclear weapon, that the United States will be part of making that happen.”

This stance could not be more accurate if it had nuclear warhead guidance. Appeasement is a critical mistake when Iran is involved. A country as strong and powerful as the United States must always show its might, for from that might comes admiration, respect, and in many cases even a small dose of fear. It’s this admiration that keeps other countries purchasing our clothing, arts, and entertainment. Respect keeps them from attacking other nations we are allies with. It is fear that keeps them from trying to invade our borders.

President Trump knows this all too well, hence his withdrawal of the U.S. from the plan named the Joint Comprehensive Plan of Action. Pompeo firmly believed in this and believes Trump could have accomplished a “longer, better, stronger” Iran Nuclear Deal in another 12-24 months. While many believe Trump’s policies made the region more destabilized, it gave more countries faith that peace was achievable, and the JCPOA was only a tool for self-destruction for the region.

“The JCPOA, this nuclear deal, was nuts. It guaranteed a pathway for the Iranians to ultimately develop a nuclear weapon” Pompeo added. This is nothing anyone wants to see. It’s bad enough North Korea is consistently trying to rattle its saber at the world, and the only thing truly keeping them from trying something is China. While they would quickly be put back in their place or completely destroyed, it would still cost lives – ultimately American lives at that. Iran, on the other hand, has nobody truly holding it back, and nuclear capabilities combined with nothing to lose is a very dangerous place to be for them and the world.

This, in turn, complicates things, as the Iranians are naturally allied with the Palestinians and have long been known as sponsors for Hamas. A nuclear Iran emboldens Hamas and gives them less to fear as they fight for control. The U.S. decision to open a consulate for Palestinians in Jerusalem only widened this divide, according to Pompeo. He, instead, suggested more dialog but acknowledged the difficulties in bringing the sides together when one side suggests having its supporters intifada whenever they don’t get their way.

As you can see this entire case is very childlike. Taking your ball and going home or bashing someone in the back with a branch is a very childlike response to not getting what you want. Much the same, threatening to protest, start a holy war, or bomb an entire nation over a difference of opinion is not the right response. America has been urging countries to get together and talk, and it really should not be that difficult. However, as long as the Iranians and their allies feel they have nothing to fear, they have nothing to lose by staying away from the table. Without good sanctions, they will continue to stay off the table and grow stronger.