Biden Proves He’s Still Holding Out Hope for His BBB Plan

Haditha26 /

It’s been a week since Joe Biden gave his State of the Union address. And it was a train wreck, just as we anticipated it would be. Now, though, it’s really time to unpack a bit of what he said. Specifically, we need to look at the Build Back Better plan.

Commonly known as BBB, it’s a nightmare spending bill that would send the country into the worst deficit we’ve ever seen. And many Republicans have made sure to kill it so that we never have to worry about it seeing the light of day.

However, BBB might as well be known as the zombie bill because it’s trying to come back from the dead.

Joe Biden doesn’t want to give up on the bill. As he talked about unity and democracy (over and over again, ad nauseam), he still had to bring up Build Back Better. And he truly believes that there’s not going to be any cost to taxpayers. Either he’s trying to lie to every American or he’s really dumb enough to believe the words that are coming out of his mouth.

Regardless, it’s not what we want. We’ve made that clear – and Congress is doing its best to keep it dead. Even Joe Manchin and Kyrsten Sinema, Democrats, have worked to keep it from being passed because they know that it’s too much money. There’s also no guarantee that spending all of that money will actually help us to build anything back better.

“My plan will not only lower costs to give families a fair shot; it will lower the deficit.”

Shouldn’t it be illegal for our president to blatantly lie to us?

The Congressional Budget Office has already done the research. They identified that it would add $3 trillion to the deficit from 2022 to 2031. That’s a significant amount of money. It’s even more significant when you realize that it would be on top of the Bipartisan Infrastructure Plan that was already approved, which will add $256 billion to the deficit.

Biden will be dead within a few years, so what does he care about the deficit? It’s as if he doesn’t care – he just wants some kind of win for his time in office.

The sad man doesn’t realize that he won’t be able to get a win. Everything he’s done has hurt the country. From the moment he picked up his pen to sign executive orders in the Oval Office, he began hurting the country. He was so quick to erase Trump that he didn’t bother to think about the negative ramifications his orders would have on the U.S.

Biden said that no one earning less than $400,000 would pay a single penny more in taxes. That’s when both Kamala Harris and Nancy Pelosi stood up to clap. But Biden kept coughing immediately after, which was almost a tell that he knew that he was lying.

Of course, Democrats throughout the audience applauded. Meanwhile, every Republican was likely muttering obscenities under their breath.

As RedState commented, “rabid spending doesn’t lower the deficit.”

Biden rambled on for over an hour about what he has done and what he plans to do.

Perhaps instead of trying to breathe life into his dead BBB plan, he needs to open up the pipelines so that we can be energy independent. Maybe if we can even sell oil, we can talk about how to fund some aspects of the plan. But to say that it won’t cost taxpayers anything is a blatant lie, which is why his plan needs to stay buried.