Biden Pushed J&J Vaccines on Everyone and Now Look

SoySendra /

The Biden administration pushed and pushed for Americans to get vaccinated. They pushed the Pfizer and Moderna vaccines first. Then, as soon as Johnson & Johnson launched their one-shot vaccine, that one was pushed.

In some instances, people couldn’t choose which vaccine they wanted. They simply rolled up their sleeves to get whatever was available at the demand of the federal government.

The J&J vaccine was one of the most readily available across the nation.

And, as good Americans do, people believed that the vaccines were properly tested and that nothing bad would happen to them.

For over a year, the Biden administration required people to get vaccinated so that they could maintain their jobs, enter restaurants, and participate in daily life. Even as people questioned the validity of the vaccines, Biden and the rest of the liberals insisted that everything was safe.

Now, that’s proving not to be the case, especially if you were one to get the Johnson & Johnson vaccine.

The FDA has decided to restrict the use of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine due to an updated risk analysis that has been performed.

The use of the J&J vaccine is now restricted to those who are unable or unwilling to get one of the mRNA shots (Pfizer or Moderna). Basically, the FDA is fine with saying that the J&J is better than nothing…

There’s just one problem with this. There have been countless people who have complained about life-threatening side effects of the J&J vaccine. This includes developing thrombosis with TTS (thrombocytopenia syndrome). This can cause patients to suffer from both low platelet counts and blood clots – and some people have encountered these issues within one to two weeks of rolling up their sleeves.

As reported by POLITICO, the “FDA decided that the benefits of Covid-19 protection from the Johnson & Johnson vaccine outweigh the risk of TTS only for those who cannot or will not receive other forms of vaccination.”

Wow. Isn’t that nice? The FDA has decided that they’re perfectly willing to accept this risk. They’re not the ones getting the jab, so they don’t really care. They’ll continue to perpetuate the lie for the Biden administration – get the vaccine because it’s the only way to protect yourself.

Meanwhile, there are millions of Americans who have gotten COVID after receiving all of their vaccinations.

Peter Marks is the director of the Biologics Evaluation and Research for the FDA. He recently stated that “We recognize that the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine still has a role in the current pandemic response in the United States and across the global community…The agency will continue to monitor the safety of the Janssen COVID-19 Vaccine and all other vaccines.”

Only…they’re not. They acknowledge that there are life-threatening risks and, still, they’ll encourage people to get the vaccine.

At least 60 people have developed TTS as a result of the figures reported through the Vaccine Adverse Event Reporting System through March 18 of this year. Nine of these individuals died.

The CDC has chosen to offer a preferential recommendation for the COVID vaccines. They recommend that people get the Moderna or Pfizer vaccine – but this only after millions of Americans were essentially forced to get the J&J because it was what was available at the time.

This is a complete failure of the Biden administration. They have injected people with a third-place vaccine and hide behind the FDA and the CDC. Meanwhile, J&J is still available, even though it’s only considered available for those who won’t risk the mRNA.

It’s about time that the Biden administration gives up. They need to confess their sins. They need to stop forcing Americans to take subpar vaccines in the effort of “protecting” the American people. Dr. Fauci should have stopped while he was ahead by recommending herd immunity. If we had just focused on that, COVID would be behind us, and we wouldn’t have to be worrying about the aftereffects of vaccines that still don’t have full FDA approval.