Biden Re-Institutes Segregation! NY Baseball Stadium Segregating Fans Based on Vax Status

Governor Andrew Cuomo is firing off executive mandates like a madman these days. It seems like we can barely keep track of all the new rules that he is making. Now, we are about to start digging into one of his most insane policies yet. According to his latest edict, NY residents will be able to start attending Mets and Yankees games again soon enough.

Capacity will still be limited, which is to be expected. None of this is that surprising. On the other hand, the other bomb that Cuomo decided to drop is, though. Can you believe that this crazy little man is going to be bringing back segregation for these baseball games? That’s right, folks.

If you are not vaccinated, you won’t be able to sit next to those who have been vaccinated. One section will be given over to those who are immunized, where they can enjoy the game to heart’s content. Meanwhile, all of the lepers are going to be shoveled over into a different section. The current social distancing restrictions are going to remain in place for them until further notice.

The Daily Wire has more about this dystopian development. Sports fans in the Tristate region will definitely want to read on and learn more:

“Democratic New York Governor Andrew Cuomo announced Wednesday that Yankees and Mets fans will be segregated into vaccinated and unvaccinated sections starting in mid-May.

He also said anyone who gets the COVID-19 vaccination on-site will get a free ticket.

“New York will set up vaccinated and unvaccinated sections at Mets and Yankees games, Cuomo announces,” reported Joseph Spector. “The teams and the Department of Health will also set up vaccines at the games…”

“And if you get the shot, you get a free ticket,” he said.”

That’s easy enough to understand, isn’t it? Everyone should have seen this approach coming. If people aren’t going to get vaccinated on their own, the powers that be are going to start offering up incentives wherever they can. The average government official is smart enough to know that they cannot require anyone to remain compliant here.

All they can do now is start offering up bribes. Of course, the vaccinated folks are not going to be having all of the fun without their leper counterparts. They will still have to keep their masks on when they are not in the process of eating or drinking. This strikes us as safety theater, since those who are pulling their masks down to have a sip of beer are going to be inhaling whatever is in the air anyway.

The best part of all? The only vaccination that is going to be offered at these stadiums is of the Johnson and Johnson variety. How is this supposed to be providing any level of incentive for those who have yet to get their jabs (or jab, as it were). “Hey guys, we want you to get vaccinated, so come to the ballgame and we’ll hook you up with the third most effective vaccine available.”

Does that sound like it will get people running to Yankee Stadium? Probably not. The big takeaway here is that we are headed for a two tiered society sooner rather than later. Those who cannot or will not get vaccinated are going to be ostracized from public life in ways that they never could have imagined. This is what life will be like for the entirety of the Joe Biden presidency.

We will have to hope for a president in 2024 who will restore our personal freedoms and allow us to enjoy life again. The fourth largest state in the nation has already announced their ballgames will be segregated this summer. Maybe they are hoping that people will get their act together before football season arrives? Our freedoms are being infringed upon but the Cuomo types out there do not care at all because they are leading the charge….