Biden Retires Air Force Warplanes and Cuts Personnel Strength As WWIII Looms on the Horizon…He’ll Be the Death of Us All

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At a time when the world is bracing itself for what comes next as the Russians storm across Ukraine, NATO and allied military forces remain on high alert. The key to success should worse come to worse is to be combat-ready to hit the enemy at full strength. It would make no sense for any country to reduce its troop forces while Putin’s blowing stuff up and North Korea’s Kim Jong-un is threatening to. No sense at all.

Unless your name is Joe Biden. He and his lamebrain administration, instead of gearing up for the inevitable, are downshifting. Instead of maintaining the readiness of the U.S. Air Force to hit the enemy where it hurts, they’re going to retire a bunch of the fighter aircraft its pilots rely on the most. The thoroughbreds.

The Biden administration cut the Air Force’s budget to the point of it staying flat in fiscal 2023. They’re gonna let some muck grow by keeping it stagnant. 

Potential recruits who’ve dreamed of one day enlisting in the Air Force better get to a recruiter’s office fast before they lock the door. They’re only going to let 95 of them in. The laughable goal is to go from 323,305 active-duty airmen to 323,400. 

Air Force Secretary Frank Kendall said, “We’re basically taking some end strength out associated with the divestments.” Slated for the scrap yard are F-22 fighter jets, E-3 airborne target tracking planes, and T-1 training aircraft. This will leave the Air Force fully prepared to take a knife to a gunfight. 

The Air National Guard is receiving the identical treatment. They’ll only have 100 new positions to fill also. It’ll be going from 108,400 to 108,500. The Air Force Reserve won’t be taking anybody new. It’ll be reducing its total troop strength by 300.

By not replacing retirees or those who simply call it quits at the end of their enlistments, by 2023, the Air Force will have reduced its active-duty staff by 11,000.

In addition, highly trained Air Force fighter pilots who leave the Air Force will not be replaced. This means that should the Air Force ever need to suddenly increase its warplanes, there won’t be enough trained pilots to fly them. 

Bringing troops home from Iraq and Afghanistan put more money in the U.S. bank account for competing economically against the Chinese whose wealth is growing by leaps and bounds. Since the U.S. is getting closer to catching up, the Biden administration is getting excited and looking for extra loot wherever they can find it.

But they’ve foolishly neglected to consider the strength and size of the Chinese military or the higher-ups in Bejing who are watching the U.S. make an unwise move. In all probability it was the Chinese who set the entire scheme up, this being the most opportune time and all…

Air Force spokesperson Ann Stefanek said, “We execute all of our real-world operations out of existing [Air Force] funds, which includes [sic]resourcing for both routine peacetime daily training as well as deployed wartime operations. Should current operations require additional funding in execution, we would look to support from Congress for supplemental funding.”

While what she said might look good on paper, it’s nonsense. Supplemental funding without enough trained personnel to carry out the mission is useless. Stupid move, Biden. Real stupid… Bejing loves you…XOXO.