Biden Turns Washington into Police State That Mirrors Socialist Nations

Before Joe Biden ever took office, he called for the National Guard to come and protect during the inauguration. Many states complied with the request because, at the time, the FBI was warning that there is the potential for more violence. The Guard’s mission was to protect the new president from any person that would otherwise cause him harm.

Biden has now been in office for over a month, and there are troops still stationed around the wall that Biden built. And had not governors from Florida and Texas pulled their troops from the wall, they would still be there being treated like rodents as they are forced to dwell in parking garages.

There was no intel or evidence behind the FBI’s claim of pending violence. It was all made up so Biden could fence himself in and keep himself isolated from the rest of the world.

Biden called more troops to his side than were sent to Baghdad during the Surge. This was a period during the Iraqi War when 6,800 troops were sent to Baghdad. And here is Biden calling up 21,000 so that he can walk across a platform.

The Democratic Party acts like they are royalty. They believe that they do not have to obey the laws of the land, and they think they deserve special treatment.

The new wall that Biden built is something that one would expect to see around federal buildings in countries that mistreat their people. They are walls that in place to keep the public from barging in and taking their country back.

Democrats claimed that Trump supporters were going to attack and murder them once the impeachment vote was taken. They also stated that Trump supporters would attack again during the trial, but not one soul has set foot in the area.

Mollie Hemingway stated that “This is something that you think of as banana republic or Third World country stuff. If it was happening in Russia, you’d say that the regime is very seriously threatened.”

Biden thinks that he is somehow being threatened by people that support him as president. They may not agree with him much, but they respect the office even if the man sitting in the chair is not honorable.

Hemingway noted that there was no fence erected when liberals went on a “‘summer of rage’ where cities nationwide were besieged. Where churches were set on fire. Where federal buildings were attacked. Where businesses were looted and ransacked. Where dozens of people died. Where thousands of police were injured. And when Senator Tom Cotton suggested that maybe the National Guard could be brought out, it caused a complete meltdown on the left. They actually fired their editor at the New York Times because they ran that op-ed.”

Donald Trump never once barricaded himself in his office. He let the states deal with the violence like they should have been allowed to do. All of the violence throughout 2020 was at the hands of the liberals. There was not one conservative that raised a hand against another American.

The Democrats never condemned the violent actions of their crowd. They were content to sit by and let the people kill others and loot businesses. They were content to sit back and blame it all on a man that had nothing to do with it.

Joe Biden has no reason to erect a wall around himself. There is no reason to keep troops stationed in Washington and away from their families.

There is no invading force that is attacking the Capitol. The liberals continue to live in a state of fear because they know that their seats in government were stolen. Their reign is illegitimate, and they are afraid of losing what is not rightfully theirs.

Not once did Donald Trump ever take advantage of the military the way Biden and Harris have done. Trump treated them with respect and let them do their jobs in locations where it matters.

The Democrats treat the soldiers like animals and expect them to do a job that has no purpose. Their services are required in other areas. They should not be protecting a predator and a vice president that does not support America.