Biden’s America! After Race Hate Hoaxes We Have to Deal With Vaccine Hate Hoaxes

A Tennessee vaccine official made an outlandish claim recently and we are going to be very honest here. We saw this coming. As soon as we heard the story, our BS-o-meter started ringing off. This official raced to CNN with a very bold story to tell. Make no mistake, this is definitely a work of fiction.

She said that someone had mailed a dog muzzle to her home, as a means of intimidating her. This does not make much sense and wouldn’t you know it? The story has already been exposed as a total hoax. Dr. Michelle Fiscus finds herself at the center of this investigation and she ought to feel a deep sense of shame.

Dr. Fiscus was in a firestorm of her own making, as she encouraged children to get vaccinated without the consent of their parents. After that, she claimed that an anonymous package from Amazon arrived at her home, containing a dog muzzle. She was fired from the Tennessee Department of Health in July and the muzzle is said to have arrived a week in advance of this decision.

Michelle’s husband Brad spoke with the Tennessean and said that the muzzle was kept as a souvenir. “A friend dropped it back by the house. She wanted it as a souvenir,” said Brad. “She said, ‘whoever sent that must not know me very well. That’s for a beagle, but I’m a pit bull.’” This is all so cute!

When a story sounds too good to be true, that’s because it probably is. These people love writing fan fiction about their own lives and it is sad to witness. “Someone wanted to send a message to tell her to stop talking, they thought it would be a threat to her,” Brad continued. After the package was sent, a state investigation was opened into the matter.

As it turns out, she purchased the muzzle herself and Axios has more about the hoax: “A Tennessee investigation found evidence that the state’s fired vaccine chief, Michelle Fiscus, purchased a dog muzzle that she previously claimed someone had mailed in an attempt to intimidate her.

Details: The Tennessee Department of Safety & Homeland Security found through a subpoena that the Amazon package containing the muzzle traced back to a credit card in Fiscus’ name, according to an investigation report obtained by Axios.

When asked by investigators, Fiscus provided information for an Amazon account in her name. It was a different account than the one used to purchase the muzzle.

The investigation concluded that “the results of this investigation that purchases from both Amazon accounts were charged to the same American Express credit card in the name of Dr. Michelle D. Fiscus.

Fiscus told investigators she felt the muzzle was a threat and she should “stop talking about vaccinating people.” The investigation was launched after health department official Paul Peterson alerted the Department of Safety about the apparent threat to Fiscus.”

For her part, Michelle is holding the line and claiming that this is all a lie. The state investigation is apparently a big hoax, too! It’s funny how that works. They look into the matter, determine that lies are being told but no matter! The people who got caught lying will simply insist that they are not lying. Works like a charm.

“Regarding the muzzle: I ASKED Homeland Security to investigate the origin. Just provided a redacted HS report by Axios Nashville. Report says a second account was made under my name from a phone in WA? Waiting on unredacted report. Hold tight. No, I didn’t send it to myself,” she tweeted.

We think that she is protesting too much and it is obvious to see. Anyone who does not see this for what it really is actively deluding themselves at this stage. It is perfectly okay to feel how you feel but when you are making up hoaxes to get people on your side? That’s when it is time to head back to the drawing board.