Biden’s America! Woman Screaming for Her Life After Being Attacked in Broad Daylight

The Democrat-run cities are getting so far out of hand, we do not know where to go from here. The violence is off the charts and no one seems to care. The far left loves to ignore these types of things because it does not fit their chosen narrative. Tell that to the two women who were brutally attacked in this parking garage.

These attacks do not even take place under the cover of night anymore. They are happening in broad daylight, in places where people should be willing to intervene. Instead, everyone stands around and does nothing. Two women in their 20โ€™s were attacked by a vicious carjacker in this parking garage and we have seen video of this horrific assault.

It was sent to local KGO-TV reporter Dion Lim. From there, it was shown to the general public. People need to see just how bad things have gotten, so that they can finally stop living in denial for once. These two women were only in California for a visit, too. They were in the parking garage because they were on their way to the store to return a pair of pants.

The Emeryville Bay Street garage was the site of the attack. The attackers stole their car but not before taking their purses away. โ€œI thought I was going to get kidnapped,โ€ said one of the victims. The witnesses who were on hand and recording video, we just wonder what they were thinking at the time.

They had to be thinking that they were at risk, too. It takes a lot of courage to capture a crime in progress like this and we just hope that they are able to apprehend these dangerous criminals before they attack anyone else. According to Dion Lim, this is not the first time that this has happened recently.

โ€œI reviewed Emeryville crime reports & since May found at least 3 victims of robbery/carjacking in the garage & a number of robberies (some w/weapons) at different stores. Waiting for mall property manager to respond w/what safety measures are being done after these incidents,โ€ she tweeted.

Knowing San Francisco, they are probably not going to do anything about it. They make excuses for all of the crimes that take place and pin them on racism or the Republicans. We have already seen their ho-hum response to the rash of shoplifting that they are dealing with at all of their pharmacies.

People are waltzing in and taking whatever they want, with zero fear of reprisal. In fact, these locations are not even bothering to stop the shoplifters. Their security guards are being ordered to stand down and allow it to happen. This is why the problem is only getting worse.

It is simple common sense. If criminals believe that they will be able to get away with their crimes, they do not have much incentive to put a stop to them. San Francisco is creating a total free for all and it is saddening to say the least. There are plenty of residents and visitors there who do not go along with the silly ideas about allowing scofflaws to run the city without fear of reprisal.

Now, these criminals are taking things to a whole new level by terrorizing innocent visitors. After the financial beating that these cities have taken over the past year, you would think that they would be doing everything short of rolling out a literal red carpet for the tourists.

San Francisco is doing no such thing and they have their tourists running scared as a result. This should not be the end goal for any major city, let alone one that is run by Democrats. When their businesses are wondering why they are unable to garner any more tourism dollars, they have their leaders to thank for that. These so called โ€œleadersโ€ could not care less about the orgy of violence that they are creating.