Biden’s Anti-Gun Agenda Leads to Spike in Gun Sales

If the plan is to come for Americans’ guns, the Biden administration better prepare for a serious battle. Go into any gun store in America and there’s a startling revelation – the shelves are empty.

It’s not that gun manufacturers have stopped manufacturing. It’s that Americans are buying up guns at such a rapid pace that it’s impossible to keep up with demand.

That should say a lot about what Americans really think about Biden’s anti-gun policies.

People want to hold onto their second amendment rights. Republicans and Democrats alike are buying guns. They want to be able to protect themselves.

Why now?

The pandemic and its uncertainty is one of the reasons for higher gun sales. However, that’s not the only reason.

Censorship is getting louder and louder. Although Biden calls for unity, social media platforms seem to think that they can mute whomever they want for whatever reasons.

Whether a person is talking about the president’s son, biological sex, or anything else, Twitter and Facebook find a reason to block the account.

People don’t want to conform. They don’t want to be silenced. And they’re buying guns in the event that they have to defend themselves against a government that forgets constitutional rights.

Everything that Biden has done since stepping into the office shows that he’s not the nice guy he wanted Americans to believe he is. He’s written executive orders left and right as a way to show that he means business – even if it’s not in the best interest of the American people.

Both Biden and Harris have been vocal about their extremist gun control views. With so many people wondering exactly what that means, it’s leading to a record number of background checks being performed so that Americans can acquire guns.

According to Mark Oliva, the communications director for The National Shooting Sports Foundation, there’s no end in sight for when gun sales will slow down. Gun cases around the country are close to empty – and that means that the demand is still unmet.

Biden ran on a platform that talks about banning the sale of assault weapons – though there is no such category. Many people use rifles for sport – and banning them doesn’t actually prevent criminals from owning them.

After all, killing people is illegal and yet it’s done every day. Criminals don’t follow rules. The anti-gun agenda is simply to keep law-abiding citizens from owning guns – and that’s why so many people are rushing to gun stores.

Americans don’t care if they have to go through a background check. Anyone who is legal and law-abiding can pass the background check and get their hands on a gun. It’s when Biden and others want to say that they’re coming for the guns.

The problem is that it’s not a partisan issue. There are plenty of Democrats who go to the gun ranges. There are plenty of Democrats in line to get into gun shows across the country.

Biden is an extremist, even when he told Americans that he wasn’t. And Kamala Harris is just as bad, it not even more extreme.

President Biden has also gotten into the bad habit of writing executive orders as opposed to working with Congress. If he doesn’t believe gun control legislation will go in his favor, he’ll write executive orders to ban guns and push his agenda.

Many are expecting to see a considerable change to gun control in the first 100 days.

It’s only a matter of time before Biden oversteps – and an executive order lands in front of the Supreme Court to be disputed.

In the meantime, Biden will continue to talk about gun control and become more radical with each passing day. Americans will, then, continue to buy both guns and ammunition. If the Democrats ever decide to try to come for our guns, they should prepare for war.