Biden’s Ape Man Insult Indicates Where His Heart Truly Lies

Forgetful Joe Biden is making giant leaps into the realm of being hated by a lot of people because of the way he is treating Republicans that do not agree with his COVID-19 mandates. The deliberate insult to Texas Governor Greg Abbott’s character was a divisive move that pushed any hope of unification to the trash can.

The governors of Texas and Mississippi were called Neanderthals because they opened their states up and removed all restrictions that were once in place because of the virus. Joe Biden does not care about the data coming in from tests and other sources. All he cares about is having the control to tell people what to do.

Masks and other measures have done nothing to stop to spikes in the viral community. All Biden could see were infection numbers going through the roof a few months ago, and that is all he needed to assume control and make pathetic demands for states to remain closed.

But the dozens of states that were already open were not going to shut things again just because a crazy man tells them to. May states have been open for months, and kids have relished the opportunity to be involved in learning in their classrooms.

Joe Biden just did not like the idea of having governors stick their noses up in the air over his plan to kill a nation. Biden’s “Neanderthal thinking” is spot on to destroying the country.

Jen Psaki is the press secretary, and she gets the happy joy and privilege of speaking on Biden’s behalf. She has to deal with the fact that the “let’s all unify” statement of Biden has been shoved in the toilet, and now he wants to force people under his demented thumb.

Psaki tries to explain Biden but fails every time. She clearly does not do her research and certainly is not briefed by Biden. She acts like a mother hen who has been called to the principal’s office because her kid is acting up in school. And she is there to explain away his behavior.

The mother-hen Psaki made it sound like Biden was only trying to insult their behavior or something. The president’s statement was more than an attack on behavior. He called every Republican in the country an ignorant fool for taking off their mask and getting back to living free again.

The shortsightedness of Biden is going to be the death of many states. He ignores the truth that the numbers are dropping all over the country at an alarming rate. He snubs his nose at the doctors and scientists that tell him lockdowns are worse than a viral pandemic. He only cares about his power, and he will say and do anything to keep it.

Americans are not feeling the love that Biden promised when he stole the Oval Office. If Biden truly cared about unity and working with everyone, he would avoid the personal attacks and childish name-calling. But that is beyond the capability of any Democrat.

Every liberal wants power. They want to force people to do harmful things. Biden is an abusive man that seeks to take from people what is not his to have.

His presidency is as cold-hearted as a compassionless terrorist killing people for the fun of it. All he has to do is sit in his office and avoid public contact to feel good about himself. As long as he does not have to answer questions about his ignorant statements, the Democrats can continue to fake that everything is working just fine.

The great thing about the United States is that the president is powerless to force any state to do what they believe to be the right thing to do. The country is made up of 50 states that are able to decide what is best for them.

Greg Abbot and dozens of other governors have decided that Biden’s plan is reckless and backward to the cause of getting over the pandemic. If he genuinely cared about COVID-19 and putting an end to it in America, he would stop the flood of infected people from flowing over the border.