Biden’s Army of Racists Taken to Court by Biracial Doctor Objecting to BLM Mandated Segregation

A biracial doctor who is also Harvard educated decided last month that it was time to file a complaint with Equal Employment Opportunity Commission. The doctor made some complaints about the Black Lives Matter movement and her personal opinions landed her in hot water. After being demoted over the controversy, she has decided to take legal action against the facility.

Dr. Tara Gustilo was the chairwoman of the OB-GYN department for the Hennepin Healthcare System in Minneapolis prior to the demotion. Critical race theory and the Black Lives Matter were the topics that drew her ire. Anyone who speaks out against the radical left has to be punished. That’s the way of the world now.

The hospital established a controversial policy where black patients are assigned to black doctors. “Why would people who claim to fight racism want segregation?” she asked. It’s a very good question that needs to be answered. The worst part of all is that her work history was absolutely stellar before she managed to run afoul of the lefties. The Daily Mail has more:

“The complaint says that she was removed from her position despite rave job performance reviews during her six-year stint as head of a 32-person team.

‘Under my leadership, my department improved my patient satisfaction scores and connected our hospital’s diverse population with the care that they needed,’ Gustilo says in the complaint.

She received ‘one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all the doctors at Hennepin Healthcare and in the nation.”

Gustilo also took issue with all forms of anti-racist training, claiming that they do more to encourage racism than anything else. Critical race theory goes in much the same way. White people are told that they are demons who should be ashamed of their skin color. The Daily Mail continues:

‘Why are we not teaching that judging by immutable qualities is ridiculous,’ she wrote in one Facebook post dated September 25, 2020.

‘Instead, the approach being promoted is to teach that because a person is white, they are necessarily racist and privileged.’

‘Isn’t this the type of thinking we are trying to eradicate?’

Dr. Gustilo is not a white person who is trying to shirk their duties when it comes to being more cognizant of their privilege. No one is saying that this is inherently unacceptable. The problem comes into play when biracial people who have their own opinions are being treated like Ku Klux Klan members. There’s no room for diversity of thought and her colleagues treated her as if she was crazy. This particular excerpt is very galling:

“Her colleagues also grew disillusioned, she says, with her insistence that a letter of support in the wake of Floyd’s death not include the phrase: ‘We share your feelings of horror, grief, trauma, and unrest.’

The word ‘unrest’ implies support for the riots that erupted during the protests in cities nationwide, according to Gustilo.

She claims her department agreed to her request to remove the word ‘unrest,’ but ‘my colleagues resented my insistence that we all agree and feel comfortable with the wording of the letter.’

Gustilo claims that in response to her efforts to promote a culture of ‘equal treatment and individual respect as a solution to racism,’ her colleagues accused her of being ‘racist’ and of ‘having a mental breakdown.’

She also claims that despite her stellar record as head of the department, she was told she was unfit to lead.”

Equality does not exist anymore. The Foundation Against Intolerance & Racism (FAIR) is assisting her in her upcoming legal battle and we’ll leave you with this quote from Gustilo:

“I am now taking legal action against Hennepin Healthcare system due to my deep concern regarding the direction the institution is now taking and how it may affect the care given to our patients,” Gustilo said in the video, which was shared on Twitter. “I’m honored to report that, personally, I have one of the highest patient satisfaction ratings of all the doctors at Hennepin Healthcare and in the nation.”