Biden’s Army of Thugs Openly Calls for Hunting Down George Zimmerman and Assassinate Him

Now that the Derek Chauvin verdict has come down, you would like to think that the far left would be calming down a bit. Black Lives Matter activists on Twitter are never going to rest, though. It does not matter what takes place. They are always going to find something to complain about, no matter what.

So what bone do they have to pick today? We are so glad that you asked. They are all for helping anyone who is looking to start the process of hunting down and killing George Zimmerman. This exhortation was issued, despite the fact that Zimmerman was already acquitted of the Trayvon Martin murder back in 2013.

Twitter is supposed to have policies that do not encourage people to publicly issue death threats but here we are. None of the people who are responsible for these threats have been removed from the platform as of yet. This is the world that they have created.

We have read through so many tweets that make us wonder about people’s sanity. The state of Florida is not supposed to be turned into some cruel joke, just so that liberals can feel like they have proven a point. They are even vowing to continue their mission to beat up and/or kill Zimmerman until the end of time.

“When you deep George Zimmerman is still roaming free on the streets whilst Trayvon Martin never gets to experience adulthood, it’s difficult to see any other outcome for this trial,” tweeted one person. Of course, they immediately got a bunch of responses that implied major agreement.

If you take the time to look through social media today, you will find that these comments are everywhere. People really want to see Zimmerman dead and they do not care who knows it. Here’s a reality check for many of them: wishing for more death is not going to fix any of the problems that exist today.

Maybe they are looking for more deaths, in order to fuel their rage? We are not even sure anymore. All we know is that there is a very old saying about this sort of mentality and it has always stuck with us. An eye for an eye will leave the whole world blind.

Will killing Zimmerman bring back any of the people who were killed by police officers? His death does not solve any problem that Americans are going through. It’s a symbolic gesture at best and we were told by the liberals that we are way past the point for symbolic gestures.

As it turns out, they do love the symbolic gestures, as long as they satisfy their blood thirst. Zimmerman does not have to serve as their sacrificial lamb just because Twitter says so. This is a mentality that has been passed down to them by the Democrats. Human lives do not mean a single thing to them. They are just props in whatever movement that they have going on this week.

That’s what we have noticed and we are sure that others have noticed it as well. It’s sad to see but it’s the status quo at this point. On social media, you are going to be more popular when you advocate for the death of people like George Zimmerman than you would be if you had hoped for cooler heads to prevail. That’s because none of these people has the guts to do it themselves.

They all sit on social media and openly wish that someone would take the steps that they cannot take. They do this with everything that bothers them about America and while it used to be infuriating, we’ve learned to laugh at their silliness. At a certain point, you just have to let these jokers talk. That does not mean that what they are saying is right, it just means that it is not worth your time to argue with them at this point.