Biden’s Band of Lunatics Wants to Ban Police Foot Chases

Chicago police are about to have a much tougher job on their hands if the protesters in their city are able to have their way about it. Of all the insane proposals that have been offered up so far, this one might be the craziest of all. The first time that we heard about this one, we could not stop laughing.

Recent marchers have demanded that the police force of Chicago handle suspects differently. They want the violence to stop and they do not care how it is done. If these protesters get what they want, Chicago police officers will essentially be unable to apprehend suspects under any circumstances.

If anyone is engaging in criminal activity and they are on foot, they will not be able to chase them. The criminal cannot be chased on foot unless they are posing a clear threat to public safety in the region. The change is not being addressed in a real manner by activists. They expect the police to grin and bear it, from what we have seen.

CBS Chicago has more on this developing story:

“Community groups will gather today to call for a moratorium on foot chases by Chicago Police when there is “no serious threat of harm to the officer or others.”

Concern is high after two deadly police shootings took place in March following foot pursuits. Adam Toledo, 13, was shot and killed by an officer during a chase in a Little Village alley on March 29, and two days later 22-year-old Anthony Alvarez was shot and killed while running away from officers in Portage Park.

Leaders from the Illinois Latino Agenda and the Pilsen Law Center support suspending all foot chases where there is “no serious threat of harm to the officer or others.”

This is the part where people start to wonder about Mayor Lori Lightfoot. Surely, Lightfoot would be willing to put a stop to this madness. She’s going to be the voice of reason here, right? Well….not so fast, apparently. Lightfoot claims that she is already working on changes that are essentially designed to make the police far less effective.

Chicago’s not the only city that is considering these changes. In fact, they have become all of the rage within the progressive and woke circles that are increasingly dominating the discourse. Of course, there is also the Adam Toledo effect that needs to be discussed.

He is said to have had a handgun on his person at the time when he was being apprehended. If an armed suspect cannot be apprehended on foot, what kind of danger is that person going to be responsible for after that? The activists want to live in their world of make-believe and look at everything through rose-colored glasses. As for the rest of us? We need to live in the real world.

Violent criminals cannot be allowed to run the streets without being apprehended. The only way that any of this makes sense is if you have decided that law enforcement is the problem and you do not care how a solution is found. Police officers do not tend to make it a habit to chase down criminals because they are really looking for an excellent new cardio workout.

They do so because these people are considered a danger to their communities. If you let the liberals make the decisions, these cops will have to stop their chases and call in to make sure that it is okay to keep chasing. This is insanity, to say the least.

Lightfoot, to her credit, has couched some of her remarks and is trying to appeal to both sides of the conversation. That’s what mayors are supposed to do. That does not mean that she should be let off the hook, though. This inane idea should have never even been a consideration. We won’t be surprised if these conversations cause more police officers to turn in their badges and move on from the force entirely.