Biden’s Confusion is a Disgrace to Maine and to the Country as a Whole

Now that he’s the president, the confusion hasn’t cleared up. In fact, it’s getting to a disgraceful level.

During an MSNBC interview with Lawrence O’Donnell, Biden urged Americans to get the COVID-19 vaccination. Throughout the interview, he spoke about some of the meetings he’s had with people who are supporting the vaccination effort. This is when he brought up Janet Mills, the governor of Maine.

He talks about all that Mills is doing, who is a Republican, to ensure that people are getting vaccinated.

The problem is that she’s a Democrat.

Biden is trying to convince America that he’s talking with both Republicans and Democrats about vaccine efforts. And, he can’t even successfully do that because he gets the facts wrong.

Throughout the interview, Biden mumbles and stumbles on words. It’s no secret that he’s a horrible public speaker, especially with the dramatic pauses and “umm” and “uhh” sounds thrown in for good measure. However, as the president, he has to be able to at least convey his thoughts in a cohesive manner – and he fails to do that every time there’s a camera on him.

When the president speaks, we’re supposed to gain confidence. But, if we can’t understand what he’s saying, it does just the opposite.

He’s disgraced the governor of Maine by calling her a Republican. While the state has been fairly mixed in terms of what party the governor is from year to year, Mills has been in place since 2019 – and he should know what party she is aligned with since it’s the same party that Biden is aligned with.

There’s another problem with Biden’s interview. He talks about how Maine is offering free hunting licenses in exchange for getting a vaccine and how it’s getting people to show up.

While it’s a great incentive to increase the number of vaccinations, the number of people getting vaccinated in Maine is actually dipping. With a 20% decrease in weekly vaccinations, it’s also because the Biden administration paused the J&J vaccine for 11 days.

It would be easy to dismiss this as a one-time moment of confusion. Unfortunately, it’s one of the many mishaps that Biden has had – even since taking office. It’s evident that he’s suffering in the mental health department.

He’s confused about everything – immigration, names of cabinet members, unemployment benefits, and more.

Biden will say one thing and, then, turn around and say just the opposite. Or, he’ll speak only for the White House press secretary to walk back everything he said by announcing that it was said in error.

We have to be able to understand the president and take him at his word. We see the cue cards. We see the teleprompters. Yet, those are continuing to fail him. Either he’s not reading the cues given to him or he’s simply unable to read them.

One or two mistakes could be blamed on the person writing the cue cards. However, is it too much to ask that our president be able to speak openly and honestly without the presence of pre-written cards and speeches? Any other president has had the ability to speak about anything – and be understood.

At this point, it’s a struggle to understand Biden. Most of the time, it sounds like gibberish. And when the words are clear, they don’t make sense. He gets names, parties, dates, and other facts wrong every time he speaks. He’s a disgrace to America – and it’s time that he is called on it so that we can have pride in our country once again.