Biden’s Dementia Spreads to Andrew Cuomo

Joe Biden clearly is showing signs of dementia as he constantly forgets important details and argues about things that happened years ago. If he is the best that the Democrats have to compete with President Trump, then there is nothing for Americans to worry about in November.

Biden does not stand a chance of beating the president given his current condition. But now it seems that the dementia is spreading to another Democrat lower in the ranks. Andrew Cuomo has been showing signs of neglect and mental decline in the past few months.

Black Lives Matter mobs are still killing people in New York and crime continues to plague to forgetful man’s state. He thinks he is on top of the world but really has offended much of the residents of New York State.

His office released a self-induced posted that was supposed to somehow make everyone love each other but ended up backfiring in his face. The ridiculous poster was supposed to show all of the days that the virus had ravaged the state. But it left a lot to be desired.

Cuomo’s hoped that his poster would become a child’s nighttime picture of bravery and hope for the next generation. Instead, it has instilled nightmares and fear in many people.

The poster praised people that fought COVID-19 and even his own family. Cuomo thinks of himself as a benevolent god deserving to be in every person’s home. Pushing to have his picture hung on the wall for all time.

His personal life is reflected in the poster depicting his feelings of his children and the choices they have made. Many of which he does not approve of.

Andrew Cuomo is living in Biden’s world of fantasy thinking that he is someone’s hero. His fanatical poster does not even tell the story of the 32,000 people that died of the coronavirus. It does not depict the evil and cold-hearted action of infecting nursing homes with the purpose of purging the elderly from the state.

His genocidal plan of killing everyone off failed and he forgot to depict that dark side of grueling reign. He would rather show the meager actions he thought was good for the state. Which only shows his lack of work ethic as nothing is there of value.

The oblivious governor also shows signs of mental decline because he has his list of priorities all mixed up. He has no remorse for the violence that has spread throughout the state. He caters and serves the Black Lives Matter thugs. He backs up de Blasio and his pandering of the criminals.

He would rather keep people out of churches and let the people drink their lives away at bars and strip joints. Instead of promoting social distancing, he allows people to gather in large groups to protest. He then places the blame for COVID-19 outbreaks on people abiding by the laws.

But Cuomo listens on with deaf ears because he would rather support BLM and help them achieve a socialist takeover of the state.

Cuomo praises the very group that kills people of color while protesting the police and the actions that they have to take to keep the peace. Oddly enough when de Blasio takes strong action against the police, Cuomo sits by and promotes the same thing. But his poster tells a different story.

The governor remains silent and looks out into space hoping that his mothership will come and take him home. The crime rate in the state has jumped by hundreds of percentage points.

Just in New York City, alone shootings have increased 277 percent in one week alone. But the police are to blame so he continues to support a dictator takeover of law and order.

Cuomo promotes his poster and says it will only cost a person $14.50 to get one. He tweeted “The Sea of Division. The Boyfriend Cliff. The Sun On The Other Side. See it all for yourself. Pre-order the New York Tough poster here.”

After all, someone has to pad his retirement plan for him. And a poster is his method of choice.