Biden’s Gas Guzzling Corvette Is the Epitome of Hypocrisy


The Democrats love to show off their hypocrisy in as many ways as they can. We saw it all throughout COVID when they demanded that people wear masks – only for them to be pictured without a mask somewhere.

AOC went to a party without a mask.

Nancy Pelosi went to a hair salon during the lockdown.

Gavin Newsom went to a restaurant, a ball game, and all around town without a mask.

And now, we have President Biden talking about how everyone needs to give up their gas-guzzling cars in order to go electric. He believes that the future is in electric cars – and he doesn’t care that the cost of the cars is more expensive than what the average American can afford.

If Biden were always seen driving around in a Nissan Leaf or a Tesla Model 3, we would be able to see that the president is being a model citizen. But he’s not.

This is when we have to point out that Biden owns a Corvette. Not just any Corvette, either.

It’s a 1967 Corvette Stingray. And Biden describes it as a car “that does nothing but pollute the air.”

Admittedly, he doesn’t drive the car often, but he does drive it – and he’s not looking to get rid of it any time in the near future.

Biden has proposed a lot of spending to help the environment – but most are unlikely to pass Congress because people don’t know if the spending is actually going to make a difference. Plus, when you combine it with inflation that has reached a 40-year high, spending has taken a backseat.

The Build Back Better act that Biden has been pushing isn’t going anywhere. And the $555 billion that is earmarked for environmental spending is just laughable at the moment.

Within that spending is $320 billion for tax credits so that people can buy electric cars as well as install solar panels.

The tax credits to buy electric cars aren’t nearly enough for people to go out to spend $30,000 or more on an electric car – and closer to $70,000 for a Tesla. Most people can’t even afford to put $50 in their tank to get their car from empty to full at the gas station.

This is where Biden is incapable of understanding the woes of the American people. He drives around on a sunny afternoon in his green Corvette, laughing and polluting the air. Meanwhile, Americans are struggling to keep their existing cars on the road – and they don’t care if their exhaust is polluting the air or not because it’s all that they can afford.

If Biden wanted us to believe that he really wanted to make a change and do something for the environment, he’d make a big deal out of selling his Corvette. He wouldn’t drive it around Delaware and stop for photo ops. Instead, he’d get rid of it because of it polluting the air. Then, he’d go get himself a nice, affordable electric car. And anytime he’d stop for photo ops, that would be the car people would see him in.

Biden’s only capable of talking a big game. His follow-through is crap. On Earth Day, Biden visited Seattle and talked about making “every vehicle” in the military “climate-friendly.” This includes everything from tanks to Jeeps to fighter jets.

Sure, Biden…whatever you say.

We’ll be more likely to believe him when he actually follows through. Until he gets rid of his Corvette, though, he can’t say anything about the gas-guzzling cars we drive just to get to work and back.